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Our connected, digital world moves fast, and most people are used to having the information they need or the content they want at the click of a button. However, while many people have exper...
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12 Fascinating Facebook Stats No Marketer Can Afford to Ignore

Facebook Stats

Despite the recent missteps and full-blown data scandal, Facebook is still one of the most important places people go to connect, watch, shop and socialize. So, we're taking a deeper look at the data that drives the world's biggest social network. Here are some of the most important numbers about Facebook every online marketer should know.


1. As of Q1 2018, Facebook Has More Than 2 Billion Monthly Active Users

Facebook's daily and monthly active users have grown despite their recent, ahem, miscalculations. Monthly active users topped 2.196 billion, showing a 3.14% quarter-over-quarter growth rate. Daily active users came in at 1.449 billion, an addition of 48 million DAUs compared to the previous quarter.


2. 68% of Adults Use Facebook

More U.S. adults go to Facebook to get their social fix than any other social media network, according to a February 2018 study from Pew Research. No one else is even nipping at their heels. The runner-up Instagram isn't even close with only 35 percent, LinkedIn has 25%, and Twitter rounds out the top 4 with 24%.


3. In the Last 3 Months, 52% of People Discovered New Products on Facebook

People love to find new products on Facebook. According to a 2017 survey, 52% of consumers in the U.S. reported becoming interested in a product they saw on Facebook in the last three months. That tops all other networks surveyed, with Pinterest the next-most shoppable network at 22%, followed by Instagram at 18%, Twitter at 17% and Snapchat at 7%.


4. As of Q2 2018, 93% of Marketers Regularly Use Facebook Advertising

In a May 2018 report, more than 93% of marketers around the world reported regularly using Facebook Ads. Of the more than 3 million businesses using Facebook to advertise, about 70% are outside the U.S.


5. According to 95.8% of Marketers, Facebook Delivers the Highest ROI Among Social Networks

Facebook is an ROI beast according to marketers. When asked which social network delivers the highest return on investment, 95.8% said that Facebook delivers the highest ROI over all other social media sites. The next-most successful network with respondents was Twitter (63.5%), Instagram (40.1%), LinkedIn (37.7 %) and Pinterest (10.4%).

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6. Facebook's Advertising Effectiveness Is Very Visual

In a test looking at more than 100,000 Facebook ads, visuals account for 75-90% of effectiveness in advertising on the platform. The most effective number of words in an ad? In a study of more than 100,000 ads, the most successful Facebook ads had four words in the title and 15 words for the link description.


7. At Least 85% of People Watch Facebook Videos Without Sound

In a poll of Facebook users, more than 85% reported watching videos with the sound turned off. That means publishers need to know how to capture attention without saying a word. Tailoring video content to Facebook means creating content that works without the volume on, plus using tactics like adding captions.


8. 63% of Marketers Surveyed Plan to Increase Facebook Videos

The rocketing video trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Most people who are already using video, plan to invest even more in it. In a recent survey of small businesses, 63% said they are planning to increase their Facebook video investment over the next 12 months.


9. Facebook Advertising Costs Are Going Up

In a recent earnings call, Facebook reported the average price per ad increased 35% in Q3 2017. Those ad costs show variation across the globe with the U.S. having an average cost of $0.26, which isn't even close to being the highest country CPC. Japan takes that honor, coming in with an average cost of $0.73 per Facebook ad.


10. Facebook Ads Are Cheapest on Sundays and Mondays

Statistically, Sunday and Monday are the days to place the cheapest ads on Facebook. While we don't know what causes the phenomenon, it could be that people are actually working on Monday. And Sundays could be a day to play, and not spend as much time on Facebook.


11. Users Spend About 41 Minutes Per Day on Facebook

Whatever concerns may have been aired recently about Facebook and fake news, users still spend a significant amount of time on the network. Facebook users spend 41 minutes per day on the social network, according to company data.


12. 86% of Facebook's Ad Revenue Is From Mobile

We're in a mobile-first world, and Americans spend more than 5 hours per day on their mobile devices. But even with the high percentage of mobile users, 86% is still a big number. That doesn't mean you should go 100% mobile. Keep in mind that your mobile and desktop ads will have different conversion rates. Testing is the key to unlocking the best ad performance for your brand.


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Russell Chua
Russell Chua
Content Marketer at Creadits

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