Why You Should Be Using HTML5 Ad Creatives for Better Results

If your company is still using static banners instead of HTML5 ad creatives, you could be losing out on a lot of cash.
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Upping Your Creativity - Free Video Footages for Your Mobile Video Ads

upping creativity.pngWhen producing mobile video ads, you want to be able to spend your time on what matters to make that video ad effective, that is, to make it:


  • creatively engaging and different; and at times

  • experimental. Experimental, as video ads are relatively new to many advertisers, they may be open to trying as many different video ads as possible to find out what works.



Unfortunately, as designers, we spend a lot of time sourcing for materials and rendering (when producing videos). This is unavoidable.



  • Sourcing: Based on the advertiser’s assets and the idea you have in mind, sourcing can be a rather lengthy and laborious task. Although important to the overall quality of the video ad, we want to spend as little time as possible sourcing for materials to execute our concept.

  • Rendering: Depending on your computer hardware’s specifications and whether you are rendering elements from scratch, rendering could take many many many hours. This is unavoidable although it is not the best user of our time, unless you have 2 computers at home.



As freelance designers, we need to constantly find ways to use our time smartly. Instead of creating footage from scratch which will consume a lot of time sourcing and rendering, we can leverage on free stock footage. When I say free, I am talking about media which can be edited and used commercially even without attribution. Technically these are called CC0 (Creative Commons Zero License) or in Public Domain, so there are no strings attached!



This is my top 8 and I hope you find these sites great for your next creative task!


  • https://www.videvo.net


A dedicated site for free stock footage which is highly organized. Just view the license of the video and if it has Videvo Standard License, then you’re good to go.


  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwNG7D5foTK8yFCnCDhAkoA


HD Green Screen channel offering absolutely free green screen videos you can add to your videos!*


  • https://www.youtube.com/user/footageisland


This YouTube channel offers a good co footage for free! Nissim Farin creates the footage himself. The channel has a great collection of videos and green screen video ready to be used.*


  • https://www.stockfootageforfree.com


Another collection of footage with absolutely free videos! They have indicated on their site that they really have no plans to charge in the future. Cool!


  • http://www.movietools.info/


The website offers cool video loops you can use as background for your videos.


  • http://www.ignitemotion.com/


The site believes that some things are just meant to be free, so they give high definition videos for free usage!



  • https://videos.pexels.com/


From the popular free stock images sites Pexel, comes their free stock video site as well. All videos are 100% free!


  • http://www.coverr.co/


Though the purpose of the site is to offer free videos for website landing pages, you get CC0 license for all the videos from here. Beautifully designed site too!



When working on your next ReFUEL4 video brief, check out the sites to see if it helps you work smarter by working faster without compromising the creativity of the video you are creating.


*For YouTube videos, you can go to www.keepvid.com or just add “ss” before the keyword “YouTube” in any link.



Disclaimer: Best efforts were made to ensure that the sites stated in here are offering CC0 or Public Domain licenses for their videos. It means that they let users use, edit and remix the videos for commercial use without the need for attribution as stated on their policies, terms and conditions, site FAQs and about pages as of the date this article was written.

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