How Will YouTube's New Ad Pods Impact Your Video Ads

Google has announced a new way to display video advertising on YouTube – ad pods. These pods – a set of two video ads that are served back-to-back either before or during a video – will brin...
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Press Release: ReFUEL4 Launches Spark To Help SMBs Maximize Digital Campaigns

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New AI-guided process provides greater control and impact for online ad creative


Singapore, 10 August 2016 ReFUEL4, the world’s leading data-driven creative platform, has announced the launch of Spark, a new artificial intelligence-guided advertising product that helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) win the battle over ad fatigue.



With Spark, SMBs tap into a talent pool of 10,000 multi-media designers across the globe who constantly refresh and refuel ad creative on Facebook and Instagram to optimize performance. Spark comes after the large-scale success of ReFUEL4’s corporate offering, a product tailored to enterprise clients such as Spotify, Glu Mobile and PayPal and a recent a winner of Facebook’s Innovation Spotlight Award for creativity.



Spark uses ReFUEL4’s artificial intelligence engine, SHAKA, to take the uncertainty out of the creative process, by automatically analyzing the performance of previous ad creative and adjusting it on the fly to maximize results. ReFUEL4’s global designers take care of all the creatives, meaning SMBs are maximizing marketing dollars.



“ReFUEL4 makes it so much easier to get ad creatives,” said Julia Mak, Director of Marketing, Instamotor. "We have seen our overall campaign performance increase by 30 percent, our media spend reduced by 10 percent, and most importantly saved so much time in getting the ads done. They were up and running in 72 hours, and we saw immediate results and improvements across our campaigns within a month.”



SMBs represent over 95 percent of global commerce and yet remain underserved because they don't meet the minimum ad spend required by many agencies and platform providers. According to a recent study by Deloitte, every dollar spent by SMB advertisers has eight times the equivalent impact on growth as the same amount spent by their larger counterparts.



However, the same study found that they are far less likely to invest in advertising than larger firms. Spark provides this underserved segment of the market with the transparency and control over their ad creative to help them more effectively manage and measure the impact of their campaigns.



“The creative process is one of the biggest inhibitors to SMBs investing more digital media dollars," said Kazuhiro Takiguchi, CEO and Founder of ReFUEL4. "They are unsure how to get value from advertising agencies and may not have the experience or time to invest in digital advertising. ReFUEL4 wants to arm SMBs with the power of data driven creative that our larger clients already enjoy.”



Spark will be available in Q3 at several price points to help SMBs get the greatest value out of their limited ad budgets.  For more information, visit





About ReFUEL4

ReFUEL4 is the world’s first ad development creative platform that uses a pay-for-performance model on which more than 10,000 designers worldwide have registered. Using compositional analytical tools, ReFUEL4 provides designers with real-time performance and targeting data, which then guides further design iterations, creating sustained performance enhancement. ReFUEL4 is the winner of Facebook’s Innovation Spotlight 2016. Visit for more information.




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