Why You Should Be Using HTML5 Ad Creatives for Better Results

If your company is still using static banners instead of HTML5 ad creatives, you could be losing out on a lot of cash.
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Overcoming the Biggest Small Business Online Marketing Challenges

Overcoming the Biggest Small Business Online Marketing Challenges.jpg

For many small business owners, marketing is often treated like an unwanted pet - you know you’ve gotta take care of it but it’s not quite up there on the list of priorities.

In recent years, online marketing has become an increasingly popular and effective tool for businesses to grow, engage and retain customer bases. Most social platforms like Facebook have made it possible for small business owners and inhouse digital marketers to manage their profiles and campaigns on their own. 

Since cost is often a factor in a small business owner’s decision making process, self-served platforms means saving on agency fees and allocating more towards actual media spend. The downside is the extra time and effort required to properly manage online profiles, communities and paid campaigns.

With as much as 47% of SMB owners handling marketing efforts on their own, it’s vital to work smart when it comes to planning and executing your digital strategy. This may sound daunting but fret not, we’ve got some useful tips that will help you on your way.


Choose the right channels

Your first consideration would be to decide which digital channels to focus your efforts on. Resist the urge to be on each and every new and ‘trending’ social media platform out there, even if everyone else seems to be doing it.

Weigh your priorities when it comes to who your key audiences are and take into consideration the resources that you have available, then decide which channels are best suited to reach them in their most engaged mode.

Remember, less is more when it comes to choosing your primary online marketing channels. Doing well on a single platform takes lots of time, effort as well as trial and error testing.


Keep the content beast contented

Digital media, particularly social media, presents a huge opportunity for marketers but you need sufficient content to create a significant online presence.

In every 60 seconds there are 3.3 million posts published on Facebook, 422K tweets posted and every day, there are over 95 million photos and videos uploaded on Instagram.

Small businesses are competing with an ever-growing number of other brands and content creators competing for the attention of online and social media audiences. There’s a need to stay top of mind with a steady stream of content that resonates with online audiences in order to effectively harness the power of online and social media for business growth.

In paid online campaigns, ad creative refresh plays an important role in campaign performance. Advertisers are expected to switch out creatives every 3 to 5 days to prevent ad fatigue from compromising their campaign ROI.

Just remember, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. There are lots of resources available to help you with your content strategy, whether it’s keeping your blog alive via ghost writers or curating third party content, to creating sufficient ads to keep your online campaigns performing well.


Harness the power of data and automation

Almost half of small businesses don’t know if they are marketing effectively while 14% know they aren’t. In this day and age, with the vast amount of data and insights readily available, this should be a phenomenon of the past.

The rising popularity of AI technology within marketing platforms means that a majority of your online marketing efforts can actually be automated. Machine learning has also allowed such automation to be intelligent in the sense that it’s possible to predict what kind of designs would work for the targeted audience even before ads need to be created.

You can now create “set and forget” online ad campaigns where all you need to do is set a brief once and the platform takes over the management of the ads including swapping out old underperforming ones and creating new ads when the system detects it’s time to do so.

For most small and medium business owners, this means your days of trying to juggle running your business successfully and marketing it effectively are over.

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