How Small Businesses can Succeed with Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is undoubtedly a popular and powerful way to promote a business.
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5 Clever Small Business Facebook Campaigns to Inspire You

5 Clever Small Business Facebook Campaigns to Inspire You.png

If you’re like us, you love a good underdog story.

It’s not that small or medium businesses don’t have what it takes to make their marketing shine. It’s just that large corporations typically have bigger budgets and more resources. Smaller businesses have to rely on exceptional creativity when it comes to marketing – especially online. And that can mean some really interesting ways of getting their customers’ attention.




Shinesty is a small, up-and-coming clothing brand that might just make the craziest clothes you’ve ever seen. The brand was looking to increase reach to attract new customers, so they created a Facebook and Instagram campaign that leveraged humor and irreverence to get their audience’s attention. News Feed photo ads and dynamic ads were quick, eye-catching ways to get the brand’s message across to new consumers.

The funny campaign generated a 10x return on ad spend and the company has grown sales over 14x in 2 years.


State Bicycle Company


Based in Arizona, State Bicycle Co. is a bike manufacturer that specializes in top-quality, limited edition, fixed-gear, single-speed and track bicycles.

They wanted to increase fan engagement when communicating product releases and upcoming events, and encourage Facebook fans to purchase from its website.

The company ran Facebook Ads to drive bike sales, targeting people who listed interests in music such as “Arcade Fire,” “M83,” and “Passion Pit.” It also targeted people with specific Likes and Interests around rival brands, such as “big shot bikes,” “mission bicycle” and general keywords like “fixies” and “track bikes.” To build its audience on Facebook, State Bicycle hosted frequent photo contests on its Page.

The company’s Facebook marketing efforts generated $500,000 in incremental sales and increased their Facebook fan base 10-fold over the course of a year.


Hinomaru Limousine 


Hinomaru Limousine is an airport taxi booking service that transports foreign travellers from Narita and Haneda airports to Tokyo hotels for a fixed price. The company also offers tours and in-car translation services. 

They wanted to reach potential customers in North America and southeast Asia to expand awareness of the brand. It also wanted to offer promotions, with the goal of increasing bookings by 1.2 times over the previous year.

The airport shuttle service used video and photo adverts to showcase the charms of Tokyo, which were targeted to foreign travellers with an interest in Japan. The creative introduced the culture, traditions, entertainment, history, food and major sightseeing destinations in the city, paired with information about the services of the company and a link to its booking system. 

The airport taxi's clever marketing strategy promoted Tokyo itself to its target audience segments, increasing brand awareness and bookings. The Tokyo Lovers Project ran for eight months and generated 1.5x increase in online bookings compared to the previous year.


The Rats 


Since launching its first chart-topping title Chicken Attack in 2005, Intenium has become one of Europe’s leading mobile and online game publishers. Its range of casual single and multiplayer online games is primarily targeted to an over-30 female audience.

Intenium had been running mobile app ads, but wanted to try a new automated approach for its popular cross-platform game, The Rats. They felt that carousel ads could be the perfect storytelling format for The Rats, because the creative team could choose from different game visuals to create graphic narratives that would encourage people to click through.

The 2-week campaign achieved 3x higher return on ad spend and 50% lower cost per install with carousel ads compared to mobile app ads.




Launched by 3 Swiss entrepreneurs in 2010, Galaxus offers savvy shoppers great deals on everything from homewares to books and movies to digital goods.

With aggressive growth targets in mind, the Galaxus team has built a rock-solid Facebook approach that is centered on strengthening the brand through awareness and engagement. To reach as many people as possible, Galaxus zeroed in on engaging targeted video content, including videos created by its customers. 

In a special campaign, Galaxus asked customers to share videos of themselves using and talking about products available from Galaxus. Eight videos were selected and shared with German-speaking Swiss adults, using sequential and enhanced reach and frequency. This ensured that videos were shown a maximum of 2 times to the same person, in an order defined by the Galaxus team, which allowed them to take control of the storytelling flow and follow up with relevant sales messages.

The 2-week campaign garnered a million video views at Galaxus’ lowest-ever cost per view of €0.03. 

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How Small Businesses can Succeed with Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is undoubtedly a popular and powerful way to promote a business.
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