How Will YouTube's New Ad Pods Impact Your Video Ads

Google has announced a new way to display video advertising on YouTube – ad pods. These pods – a set of two video ads that are served back-to-back either before or during a video – will brin...
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What I Got out of ReFUEL4's Earn and Learn Design Program!

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The creative industry is fast evolving. What designers learn in school today may not be fully relevant tomorrow. In ReFUEL4, we believe that designing for the online space has to be a continuos learning process. We believe that we need to be an integral part of the designers learning process especially in the space of performance based marketing. 

One lady immersed herself in our Earn and Learn Design Program for 3 months, We caught up with Roopal Jain to learn what she got out of it and how we could make our Earn and Learn Design Program even more relevant and effective for budding graphic designers.


1. Tell me a little bit about yourself - What is it that makes you tick? 

Roopal: Currently, I am a final year student studying Illustration Design with Animation student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore. However, I grew up in India and got my degree in Mass Media at St. Xaviers, Mumbai.

I chose to study in NAFA as love design and think that I am better at expressing myself with visuals than with words. I enjoy exploring and learning new things and believe as individuals we constantly need  to challenge ourselves to new possibilities. and therefore, love exploring different visual mediums to communicate my thoughts and feelings. 


2. What Made You Become a Designer?

Roopal: I have been interested in art and craft from a very young age. My parents enrolled me in various art classes. I would scribble all over my text books and knew I wanted to do something related to visual communication.


3. What Inspires You to Do What You Do? And What Fulfils you as A Designer?

Roopal: The whole process of creating something from scratch is extremely satisfying. It is like, I have a blank paper in front of me and I have the power to make ANYTHING on it. The idea of using this medium to make a difference, in any small way, is what keeps me going. Also, seeing the end results and the impact it has on others is very rewarding.


4. What Where You Looking for When You Came Across RF4? And what Compelled you to Start Working with Us? 

Roopal: I was looking for a summer internship during my college break because designing for school assignments is very different from working in the industry itself. I discovered ReFUEL4 on my college portal. I was extremely intrigued by their structure as their business model and philosophy was different from the other companies offering internship positions.

To begin with, it was an online platform that connect designers to clients the world over. I wanted to see how the whole platform functioned. I remember during the interview I was the one asking more questions about ReFUEL4. Haha.

The idea of designers from all over the world contributing their designs on a single platform everyday for different clients globally was to me fascinating. Not only was I exposed to client from different industries in different parts of the world but I was exposed to everyone’s designs and could see which designs worked and which didn’t.


5. What Has Been Your Experience, in Working with RF4?

Roopal: The whole experience was amazing. Apart from doing what i love, that is design, i got to meet amazing people. The ReFUEL4 team is one of the most fun teams ever. Everyone was very encouraging and warm towards me. I never felt like an outsider even for once. At ReFUEL4 I felt like my opinion mattered and that I could really do some good work for them.

Most importantly, I got to learn a lot in the process. If I am given the chance, I would definitely love to work for ReFUEL4 again! For now, I can continue to moonlight and Earn & Learn by freelancing for them although I am now back in school. 

I worked on over 150 briefs from clients of different industries who were targeting different profiles of consumers and across different markets.

Lesson #1: The audience should be able to connect with it within 2-3 seconds as they generally tend to scroll through Facebook quite fast and the attention span is short. I worked on different kinds of briefs ranging from games to dating apps to lifestyle products. 

Lesson #2: Although every client and brief needed to be approached differently, as they are meant for different target audience in different markets, usually the ads had to be appealing but as simple and clear as possible. 

Appealing meant that the target audience had to connect with the visuals in the ads. For example, I experimented with a client where I realized that the simplest ads which had cute baby pictures in a homely environment with the logo worked the best with Moms who were the target audience.

Lesson #3: I had to understand the target audience before making the ad for and to adapt my style to suit the client as this were about ads that could drive registration or sales not just looked visually stunning.

Lesson #4: At times, it was disappointing when none of my creatives were selected or didn’t perform well. However, I could learn from this and sharpen my designing skills. 


6. What can ReFUEL4 do to make Earn and Learn Design Program more effective? 

Roopal: In order to make the Earn and Learn Design Program more effective, ReFUEL4 could probably get access to tutorials like Lynda, so that designers can quickly use the pool of tutorials if they face problems while using softwares like after effects, illustrator or photoshop. It will help them to keep themselves updated.

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