Timely Lessons from Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2018

The 2018 holiday season is well underway, and this year it started off with a bang. November 26 – known as "Cyber Monday" – broke records to become the best day for e-commerce retailers in U...
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Suffering From a Bout of Ad Fatigue? Here’s the Cure!

Untitled-design-37-1.pngIt's no secret to many that Facebook has become an excellent, cost-effective tool that marketers can utilize in order to reach their specific target markets. However, although Facebook gives marketing gurus a lot of options, an abundance of businesses both large and small have recently been reporting a drop in click-through rates and a lower ROI.


It took some time to find the culprit for these disappointing numbers, but research has finally shown the cause, and it's frightening. It goes by the moniker "ad fatigue," and it has stricken thousands of Facebook users all over.


What Is This Terrible Affliction of Ad Fatigue?

Put simply, consumers are getting tired of seeing so many online ads, and more specifically, the same ads over and over. Every time they log onto Facebook, they may see the same ad, and soon what you thought was such a clever combination of design and verbiage appears to the masses as nothing more than overused buzzwords and harsh blobs of color.


Imagine having a great meal, then being fed the same meal, over and over. You'd get tired of it, wouldn't you? Well, if you aren't changing up your ads, then you are essentially force-feeding consumers that same meal over and over.


If ad fatigue really was a disease, consumers would be the infected, and marketers and advertisers could be considered the carriers. The symptoms include a drop in CTR, a rise in CPC and overall sluggish campaign performance.


But fret not! Our researchers have discovered that there is indeed a cure! It's called online creative refresh (catchy, isn't it?) and it could be the key to reviving your audience, eradicating ad fatigue once and for all!


Creative Refresh Is the Antidote

Our data shows that ad fatigue symptoms can start setting in as early as 3 days after campaign launch, depending on your target market size and budget. On the average, ad fatigue kicks in between 6-8 days after launch. This means that online advertisers should plan to swap out their ads no later than every 8 days in order to maintain optimal performance.


Regular creative refresh is necessary to ensure online campaign optimization. Essentially, creative refresh entails retooling existing ads or publishing new ones in order to recapture the interest of your target market -- the digital version of a flu shot.


Using data-driven creatives and an advanced platform that utilizes machine learning to predict optimal creative performance, we have developed an effective cure for ad fatigue. And with an automated feature that refreshes old ads and replaces them with new ones, it's the equivalent of providing your target market with continuous booster shots to ensure they won’t fall victim to this debilitating disease ever again.


Ad Fatigue Hits the Hardest During the Holiday Season

With more and more businesses utilizing the internet, especially Facebook, for holiday season advertising, the chances of consumers contracting ad fatigue is at an increased risk.


Also, from 2015 to 2016, Facebook advertisers grew by 50%, this means more ads are vying for the attention of your target audiences.


The only way to reduce the risk of your campaigns experiencing ad fatigue is to deploy regular creative ad refresh and to always remember the following when designing creatives:


 Tailor ad designs to your target markets


– Use compelling stories and awesome visuals


– Make your messages relevant and timely


– Design your ads to be mobile-friendly


– Harness the power of data


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