How Will YouTube's New Ad Pods Impact Your Video Ads

Google has announced a new way to display video advertising on YouTube – ad pods. These pods – a set of two video ads that are served back-to-back either before or during a video – will brin...
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My Journey from Computer Engineer to Video Editor

Computer-Engineer-to-Designer.jpgIn many countries like the Philippines, pursuing an education in design is a lofty dream. Course fees are expensive and starting salaries are not high. Jeff discovered the uniqueness of the ReFUEL4 platform that enables dreamers like him to "Earn and Learn".  Jeff shares with us how he is now able to make a living as a freelance video editor with ReFUEL4, something he previously thought was just a dream.


1. Tell me a little bit about yourself? Your professional background as well as your personal life that gives us an insight of you as a designer and person. What makes you tick?


Jeff: I am a Computer Engineer with a passion for advertising and design. Working in graphic design as a freelancer shortly after graduating was a leap of faith. I have to provide for my family and the main concern was to get a sustainable, decent income.


I was offered a scholarship from a reputable university in graphic design when I was in high school. However, I could not take it up as I could not afford to pay the difference in fees. . When I entered college I didn’t have a particular passion for Computer Engineering, but I alway do the best in anything I do.


Some say that I’m a jack-of-all-trades and I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing. For now, I enjoy being a designer and am very happy I am able to follow my dreams. Since I’m in my early 20s, I say YOLO!


2. What made you become a designer?


Jeff: Even when I was in college, I was doing graphic design be it as a school project or just as an activity to pass time. During my high school days, I really had a great interest in photography. I borrowed a compact digital camera so that I could take photos at every possible opportunity after which I would dabble in graphic design using these photos.


When I was a child, I would memorize the lines in commercials.I was always fascinated by these ads and used to day dream about how they were made. I was curious about cinematography and motion design.  I once dreamt of being a cameraman.



3. What inspires you to do what you do and what fulfills you as a designer?


Jeff: What fuels me to do more as a designer are my dreams, my aspirations for a better life, coming from a really poor family.


I found that being a graphic designer is not limited as others think. You can do graphic design even If you have a day job and if you’re courageous, passionate and lucky enough, you can do it full-time.


I feel fulfilled when I am able to make clients happy. It makes me sick seeing Comic Sans in inappropriate places and seeing overly stretched images in creative media! Someday, I would like to see myself sharing my knowledge and work with other people and to be able to  inspire them.


4. What you were you looking for? The reasons you were looking? How did you discover RF4? What compelled you to start working with us?


Jeff: I found ReFUEL4 from a Facebook Ad and decided to give it a try. My first few days working on ReFUEL4 briefs weren’t good in terms of my earnings but It didn’t stop me from working on more briefs. I understood that being in the creative industry requires trial-and-error and learning from it.


Art and design is subjective and you have to be able to deal with constructive criticism, offer the freshest ideas and be inspired by other designers’ work.


Working with the supportive and assistive creative leaders in ReFUEL4 has helped me.


5. What has been the experience of working with RF4?


Jeff: It has been a thrilling experience as I have learned so much in graphic design and I have been able to attain my goals one-by-one. Looking forward to many more years doing graphic design with ReFUEL4.


6. What can we do to make your experience with RF4 more fulfilling? How can we grow together?


 Jeff: More briefs! I love the work!


I think having occasional webinars or on-site seminars where we can get certificates, can be helpful in sharpening our creativity as designers







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