4 Terrific Tips for Hauntingly Good Halloween Marketing

The summer is finally, ending which means that the weather is cooling down and that the fall's almost here, which also means it's time for companies to start thinking about their autumnal ma...
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ReFUEL4's Equal Value Model

Equal-Value-Model.jpg"Everyone is born equally capable but lacks equal opportunity." -- Pierre Omidyar, Founder of eBay

To some extend, this statement has been mitigated with the rise of online marketplace platforms. Through these platforms, freelancers now have better access to work opportunities globally. One thing still holds true though. For the same skill or talent, how much your services are valued monetarily depends on where you reside. In ReFUEL4, we believe that this should not be the case. A talented designer in Venezuela or the Philippines should not have to work for lower wages just because he resides in a developing or troubled economy. With the internet, we believe that is possible to minimize, if not eradicate this and that's exactly what ReFUEL4's Equal Value Model is about.

Beyond Bidding

 Most marketplaces work on a bidding model where freelancers scramble to get the attention of clients, often times with the lowest rates where one winner takes all.

At ReFUEL4, we do it differently.

First, we understand that the marketplace should expand and not limit choice in all senses of the word. For that reason, we subscribe to the notion that our clients should be able to accept multiple submissions so long as these submissions meet the client's quality requirements.

 Second, to level the playing field between the client and the freelancer as well as ensure that our freelancers are justly remunerated, the fees are based on the performance of the selected ads. Quality ads are therefore measured and rewarded objectively.

 Third, the formula to calculate these fees and the currency our freelancers are paid in, are the same globally.

 Why We Do It

 While agencies and brands agree on strategic leadership and marketing creativity being two important pillars of a brand-agency relationship, they seem to fall apart on other fronts. Brands value customer-centric marketing much more than agencies typically do. This disparity in priorities often creates a rift in communication, leading to delays in output and most importantly, outcomes.

 Traditional creative agencies work in silos that do not suit the fast-moving digital world. When a brand has to wait several days for a creative to be finalized for its Facebook ad campaign, it inevitably compounds ad fatigue -- one of the biggest problems plaguing the digital marketing industry. Ad fatigue can prove costly since a prospect once disenchanted can be difficult to convert. As ReFUEL4 allow brands to pick from several creatives at once, this reduces the time-to-market significantly as well as allow brands to test creatives.

 Through this model, ReFUEL is able to provide design and video editing freelancers around the world access to income streams equally, regardless of their economic or social background. This takes us one step closer to creating a borderless world where there is a world of equal opportunity and where quality work is rewarded equally.

 Our Impact

 In 2015, we were awarded "Innovator of the Year" by Facebook for our creative business model that generates demand and alleviates two key problems for businesses. However, more than the award, it's the success stories of our designers that fuel's our passion and warms our heart.

 As an innovative marketplace for freelance designers and video editors, we are constantly interested in helping our community of freelancers improve. We believe that if they improve, so does the quality of designs available to businesses. That means better performance results for these businesses which mean more businesses wanting to access our freelancer community. To facilitate this win-win circle, we invest in our designers through sharing as much data and knowledge as we possibly can.

 Consider the story of Senit, a school teacher from the Philippines. She joined ReFUEL4 without any prior experience or training in design. However, she had the drive and passion. With ReFUEL4's Earn and Learn Program, she picked up the necessary skills to be a graphic designer on the side and earn some extra income. This, in turn, inspired other members of her family to join our platform.

 Senit's family affair with ReFUEL4 isn't a one-off success story. Alberto Cabezas, one of the many reeling from the economic turmoil in Venezuela. Venezuela economy is in shambles and good paying jobs are hard to come by. Cabezas discovered ReFUEL4 and decided to give ReFUEL4 a shot. Within a short period of time, he had a sustainable business as a professional video editor that has helped him thrive. Through income Alberto earns by working on the ReFUEL4 platform, he is now able to have a fresh start in Colombia while continuing to work on ReFUEL4.

 Our Wish

 You don't need to be a professional to join us. You just need to have the zeal to be better than you were yesterday. Your past should never determine what your future holds, for there is always the present to make things right. 

Take part in our US$50 Get Started Program below to start your freelance journey with ReFUEL4. 


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