5 Crucial Components of Every Successful App Marketing Funnel

Knowing how to market your mobile app is essential in order to stand out from the crowd and build your customer base. In this article, we'll discuss two of the leading models for mobile app ...
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How to Tap the Lucrative Singles Market This Valentine's Day

Untitled-design-60.pngBlame it on science maybe, but the percentage of singles in the US is on the rise. Even in the UK, almost 70 percent of single men have never asked someone to be their Valentine's Day date. The single men and women are a lucrative market to tap into. For one, they usually have more money to splurge.


China has been celebrating singledom for several years now with its annual Singles' Day celebration on November 11th. Pegged as anti-Valentine's day, it clocked $14 billion in sales in Asian markets in 2015. The UK is warming up to the idea too, registering a 15 percent growth in conversions in 2016.


What You Should Keep in Mind When Targeting Singles


Singles think differently from couples. For instance, humor works well when marketing to singles while the romantic route is the preferred way to reach out to those in love.


It is also important that you segment your singles audience. There are singles by choice and singles by circumstance. The latter, which mostly comprise the older crowd, tend to watch more television to compensate for loneliness; while the former seek an active lifestyle. Thus, you are better off creating a hyper-local advertising strategy for the former group, since they are more on the go.


It is also important to steer clear of stigmatizing singledom. According to singles expert Bella DePaulo, not all singles are looking to get married or date other people.


Some Inspiration for Your Singles' Campaign


Shred Your Ex by Hooters


Hooters Shred Your Ex Campaign


Hooters cashed in on those rebounding from an unhappy relationship. The famous restaurant chain ran the #ShredYourEx campaign, where single folks received ten free chicken wings after taking a fun #ShredYourEx quiz. The quiz allows you to shred, burn, or bury your ex's photo online. Pretty ingenious and cathartic, no?


Enjoy Being Single by Match.com



The dating website's 2016 campaign urges single men to enjoy their freedom while it lasts. The cheeky ad starts with the usual shenanigans of preparing for a date night, only to culminate into a boys' night with popcorn and football matches.


Even packaged food brands can play around with the theme, taking a leaf out of Dairy Queen's 2016 V-Day Campaign.


Don't Hate, Donate by Goodwill


Goodwill's Don't Hate Donate Campaign


Charity organization Goodwill Manasota Foundation ran a #DontHateDonate campaign in 2016, urging people to donate their ex's stuff rather than throwing it away. The ingenious campaign is still on, and the foundation collected more than 22 tons of donation for those affected in Syria in January 2017.


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