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Top Facebook Ad Campaigns From Hotel Brands

top facebook ad campaigns.pngAccording to Google Travel Trends, a majority of travelers visit up to 18 websites before booking their trip. That means that online marketing presents a huge opportunity to get in front of potential hotel guests and to encourage them to book.


Facebook is undeniably one of the top social channels where travelers go to for their pre-trip research. Here are some of the most successful Facebook ad campaigns from hotel brands.


DPNY Beach Hotel & Spa, BrazilReFUEL4: Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns From Top Hotel Brands zzz


DPNY is a favorite luxury hotel outside Sao Paolo, Brazil. Its features are impressive – aside from being right on the beach overlooking the sea, it has endless sun loungers and hammocks for sun worshippers, a spa, beach bungalows, and even offers color therapy for guests.


DPNY had primarily focused on offline marketing, but when they decided to embark on digital marketing efforts, their first stop was Facebook. DPNY worked with the Facebook team to develop a campaign called “Last Minute.” The online campaign gave customers a special deal if they were able to check in within 2 days of booking their room.


The effort was hugely successful, helping the brand reach its goal of an 80% occupancy rate. The hotel was able to reach hundreds of thousands of people with the ads – any reach far beyond their offline efforts had in the past.


MGM Resorts, United States

ReFUEL4: Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns From Top Hotel Brands


MGM is one of the world’s leading hospitality brands. With properties all over the US, they have a big footprint. But if you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, it’s most likely that you know MGM as The Mirage or The Bellagio.


MGM takes a highly analytical approach to their online marketing. In the past, they’ve used Facebook and Instagram to acquire new fans. And what’s different about MGM is that once they’ve acquired these brands, they work on loyalty. By sending offers to their fans, they not only promote additional bookings but also share information across customers’ social media networks. So their loyalty program becomes a form of social media marketing in and of itself.


MGM also changes up their loyalty offering by giving guests complimentary dining experiences or gift cards. By using a different strategy and keeping things fresh, MGM sees 2 additional fans come into their brand for everyone they acquire through online marketing spend – an excellent return on investment (ROI).


Westin Hotels & Resorts: Weekend Late Checkouts


Westin Hotels & Resorts is an upscale hotel chain with over 200 properties operating in more than 35 countries worldwide. It’s a popular choice for weekday business travelers but has the opportunity to grow their market share for leisure weekend travel. The brand wanted to increase its weekend bookings through an advertising campaign promoting late checkouts.


Westin ran a 2-phase Facebook campaign with a video ad deployed in the first phase to introduce their late Sunday checkout service. This was targeted at a lookalike audience created from its CRM database.


The second phase involved carousel ads re-targeted at people who have viewed the video ad to further drive brand engagement and promote conversions with a “40% off your 2nd night” offer.


The Facebook advertising campaign was a branding success, achieving an overall increase in ad recall, message association, and intent.


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