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5 of the Best Mother's Day Ad Campaigns

Untitled-Design-94.pngAdvertising has evolved over time, from simple straightforward product selling directed at consumers to amazing works of art creatively crafted using sophisticated digital technology anchored on the remarkable power and influence of social media.


Advertisers employ various methods to hook their audience to their ads, from eye-catching banner ads to awesome landing pages to incredible videos. But despite all that, one basic component remains the same – the ad's appeal to the emotions.


Mothers' Day ad campaigns are known to tug at consumers' heartstrings using relatable storylines that can easily melt even the hardest of hearts, putting the spotlight on the ever poignant, binding and vital relationship between a mother and her child.


Let's look back at some of our favorites from last year.


1. Apple – Moms. Shot on iPhone.


Maybe it's the song that provided the poignant background to the moving still photos of different mothers and their children taken by iPhone users from all over the world. Maybe it's the touching photos that pinched the hearts of those who can relate.


Apple, the giant technology mogul, has captured the hearts of many with their video ad depicting the many scenes in a mother's life in various stages of her relationship with her child, accompanied by the K.S. Rhoads' touching song, "Because You Are Who You Are."



2. Procter and Gamble – Thank You, Mom


In 2016, the excitement brought about by the Rio Olympics was in full swing. The giant retailer took advantage of it by setting the Olympics as the theme for their Mothers' Day ad that aired a few weeks before the start of the Olympic Games in Rio.


Voted by AdAge as one of the top ads of the 21st century, the P&G video ad gave everyone a pleasant reason to sigh and cry as it showed tender scenes depicting the inspiration that a mother's strength can provide, especially in the toughest moments of an Olympian's journey towards greatness.


The ad sent a strong message with its tagline, "It takes someone strong to make someone strong."




3. Teleflora – One Tough Mother


Motherhood is tough for moms from the day she conceives her child all the way to raising him or her to become a good person with an independent life. The everyday scenes depicted in this video ad were easy to relate to. The voiceover features famous football coach Vince Lombardi delivering his epic speech about being a hero.




4. The Body Shop – Treat Your Mum Like a Queen


Not all ads need to bring tears to your eyes to grab your attention. The Body Shop came up with their own ad spoofing the royal family's home video. It featured each family member's mishaps as they get ready to celebrate Mothers' Day with the Queen. You already guessed the ad's message – treat your mother like a queen.



5. Barneys – Mother's Day Shopping Adventure


Barneys New York created an Instagram campaign chronicling the adventures of a stylish mother-daughter duo's shopping trip at its Madison Avenue flagship store. What better way to get the perfect gift for mom than to bring her shopping with you!


5 of the Best Mother's Day Ad Campaigns


As businesses compete for the attention of the millions of people getting ready to celebrate this special occasion, we’re looking forward to having our hearts captured once again by this year’s Mother’s Day ad campaigns.


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