How to Tell a Story: Excelling at Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Instagram and Snapchat are two of the most exciting and intriguing social media platforms.
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3 Ways Tech can Help You Get the Best ROI from Ads

In the competitive world of digital marketing, singular details can often be the difference between commonplace and disruptive force. For the advertising space, where extreme efficiency is demanded of ad spend while a diminishing return on investment is unacceptable, budgets must be stretched while conversions maximized to quantify a successful campaign performance.

Although doing more with less is certainly not anything new, it remains a challenge for advertisers to target, engage, and convert an audience with a limited budget.

Fortunately, given the influx of innovation in the ad space, advertisers can stretch their ad spend by leveraging technologies like AI to craft and steer their creative and maximize engagement.


Ad Tech Stacks Can Simplify, Streamline Your Campaigns


Ad Campaigns Simplified

Of course, with the splintered nature of technology, where different features and functions evolve at separate paces, teams are often left with platforms from assorted vendors that can butt heads and display the cohesiveness of an ornery class of preschool toddlers.

Given the inherent inefficiencies involved in such setups, where resources are needlessly drained of limited time and energy, ad tech stacks can infuse a streamlined approach from stem to stern within a campaign, providing advertisers significantly enhanced connectivity and cohesion for the different components of their efforts.

Such platforms can utilize the unique powers of everything from bidding automation to metric analysis to ensure maximum lasting impact with a cost efficiency and preservation of resources that were previously impossible, all from a singular solution. When coupled with technology-driven creative that can be constantly monitored, rotated and altered to evolve along with the campaign, all from the ad tech stack itself, advertisers don't have to sacrifice impact for efficiency.


Convey a Personal, Local Perspective


Localized Ads

No matter the nature of a product or service that is being promoted within any given campaign, a sense of familiarity between the brand and consumer is extremely helpful in forming the bonds that lead to conversions. However, efforts to customize a campaign according to local or regional areas across the country have traditionally required immense resources that few advertisers can afford to spend.

The recent advancement in computing power and AI have finally provided advertising teams and brands an effective solution to such dilemmas. Leveraging the resources and flexibility of machine learning, teams can now utilize platforms that are designed to create variations of a central campaign according to the assets, tone, and content that will best engage consumers in any given area.

For instance, an advertiser can develop a primary template that a campaign will rely upon along with hundreds of different assets and tone variants that are wide in scope and applicability. The AI-based system will use different tools, ranging from local social media feeds to regional consumer trends, to find the combination that will best appeal to a customer base within a specific region. It will then design and distribute ads that are built from the template and customized according to those regional preferences to maximize impact and, ultimately, results.


Flexibility and Agility Will Pay Dividends


Flexible Athlete

As advertisers, we are trying to engage a fickle audience that displays little brand loyalty and a set of ever-evolving interests and tastes. While your campaign might have been born of concepts and designs that suited the consumer well at the time, rapidly changing consumer behavior can prematurely cause ad fatigue before you're even able to take a deep and rejuvenating breath.

To combat such dynamics and maximize your ad spend to lengthen the impact and potency of your campaigns, leverage technology to both create and monitor your creative to make sure it continually adheres to current market trends. Digital tools, such as Facebook's Dynamic Creative tool, can provide extreme efficiency to the formerly laborious and all-consuming process of A/B testing to provide advertisers the needed real-time data that fosters immediate impact.

ReFUEL4 is the partner that will help you stretch your ad spend without limiting the impact of your message. Our innovative platform leverages the power of AI to infuse lasting strength to your creative, giving your entire campaign the longevity and adaptability demanded in a competitive environment.

Book a demo with us today to find out how you can receive greater returns from your ad spend with ReFUEL4's advanced technologies at your fingertips.


Russell Chua
Russell Chua
Content Marketer at Creadits

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How to Tell a Story: Excelling at Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Instagram and Snapchat are two of the most exciting and intriguing social media platforms.
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