How to Adapt Your Marketing Strategy for a Longer Path to Purchase

Our connected, digital world moves fast, and most people are used to having the information they need or the content they want at the click of a button. However, while many people have exper...
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6 App Marketing Solutions to Take Note of at MAU 2019

Mobile Apps Unlocked (MAU) is the world's foremost summit on mobile acquisition and retention. At this year's edition, over 2,200 app marketers from mobile brands across the globe will be meeting in Las Vegas in order to network, hold learning events, and work together to grow the industry.

MAU ends up paying off both for individual companies whose leaders attend, and for the industry at large, which is able to benefit by the best minds coming together to share, brainstorm, and innovate.

MAU VegasIf you are attending MAU 2019 from 1-2 May, make sure that you do some planning in advance. By taking note of the most important talks and solutions at the event, you can make sure that you see the newest and most exciting content and that you don't miss anything critical or essential.


Key Exhibitors to include in your MAU Vegas itinerary

With more than 80 exhibitors to cover in less than 48 hours, MAU 2019 can prove overwhelming without a clear idea of what to look out for. Fret not, because we've done the hard work of looking through the entire list to identify the most interesting solutions so you don't need to. Here are six of them you should keep an eye out for at the event:


Booth #101 – Digital Turbine

Digital TurbineDigital Turbine has been making waves as a popular scalable mobile app advertising platform since it was first introduced. This year Digital Turbine will be at Booth 101 at MAU, and they are the first solution you should check out.

Digital Turbine runs an app advertising platform called Ignite, which is highly scalable. It allows companies like Uber, Netflix and more to reach customers directly when they start using their device: people who use the platform can pay to be on a list of recommended apps that appears just as users turn on their phone for the first time. Check out Digital Turbine first to learn about an up-and-coming but potentially industry-changing app advertising platform that could work to grow your business.


Booth #107 – Iterable

IterableHead over to see Iterable, which helps companies create marketing campaigns across multiple channels, next. To achieve goals of reducing churn and increase app usage, Iterable harnesses consumer data and then uses triggers or events to time marketing messages based on potential customer behavior.

Investors believe in Iterable. The company secured $50 million in Series C funding. So far, they have raised $80 million. The company reports triple digit year-over-year growth, and while now based in San Francisco with offices in Denver and NYC, the company plans to expand globally.


Booth #307 – Singular

Singular PlatformThe next solution to check out is Singular, which is at Booth 307. Singular has created a product used by some of the most powerful and successful companies out there, including Lyft, Match, Yelp, Airbnb, Doordash, and more.

Its marketing intelligent platform can take data silos, combine and analyze them, then give you meaningful insights to increase growth. Singular is so powerful because it can help you visualize insights. It also allows you to leverage different automated features to decrease the amount of time you have to spend making marketing decisions and creating workflows. Last year, the company raised $30 million in Series B funding.


Booth #500 – Braze

BrazeAfter learning about Singular's data analysis technology, head over to learn about Braze: a company that has created a tool to help you automate communication with customers.

Braze allows you to utilize send messages to customers with an automated platform, but ones that actually sound human and realistic. These marketing messages are tailored and personalized, so they feel relevant and can help boost loyalty to your business. The company aims to make marketing messaging feel more like a conversation that the delivery of a static ad or a billboard.

Today, some of the top brands in the world are using Braze to send marketing messages directly to clients, including Hearst, Microsoft, Nascar, Postmates, Urban Outfitters, Okcupid, iHeartMedia, GAP, ABC News, Citi, and more. Last year, Braze raised $130 million. This helped double its valuation to $850 million.


Booth #613 – Apptentive

ApptentiveYour next stop should be Apptentive, which is at Booth 613. Apptentive helps companies gather customer feedback. Getting actionable feedback from customers can help businesses improve what they are doing, so that they create happier, and in turn, more loyal customers who both offer repeat business and serve as brand ambassadors to bring more business into a company. The tools Apptentive utilize include ratings prompts, surveys, messaging, notes, analytics, and more.

Your customers are the reason you are in business, so make sure that you are serving them. Apptentive makes it easy to ensure that you are doing that well; or, if you aren't, to start doing that better. The company's solution is currently used by successful companies like NPR, Saks Fifth Avenue, Disney, Draft Kings, Philips, CNN, Alarka Airlines, the Economist, Buffalo Wild Wings, Smartsheet, Allrecipescom, Zillow, and more.


Booth #605 – Creadits

CreaditsLast, but definitely not least, be sure to drop by Booth 605 to find out more about Creadits.

In an increasingly crowded mobile ad landscape with new tools for analytics, acquisition and monetization springing up every month, businesses can be forgiven for losing track of what truly drives campaign performance – quality ad creatives.

A recent Nielsen study estimates that ad creative drives nearly 50% of an ad's impact to sales, and this will only increase given how other optimization levers are being automated by machine learning (as in Google App Campaigns and Facebook's Dynamic Creative).

Trusted by leading publishers such as Elex, GameInsight, King, NetEase Games, TenCent and Wooga, Creadits provides flexible and scalable creative production to power your app acquisition, retention and engagement campaigns. More creatives allow you to test ads efficiently, and achieve optimal campaign performance faster.

By planning your time at MAU, you can make sure you make the most of your time there. Know the key, can't-miss solutions to check out while you're there and where they are, and then work other booths in in your extra time. There will be lots to learn and experience – try to make the most of it!

Russell Chua
Russell Chua
Content Marketer at Creadits

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