How to Tell a Story: Excelling at Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Instagram and Snapchat are two of the most exciting and intriguing social media platforms.
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Are you missing out on what Facebook’s Dynamic Creative ads have to fully offer?

Dynamic Creative

As part of a phased rollout, Facebook has been steadily making its new Dynamic Creative tool available to advertisers through Power Editor and the updated Ads Manager in the past weeks. We’ve discussed how Dynamic Creative works before, but here’s a quick summary to refresh your memory.

Dynamic Creative is a tool that:

  1. Takes up to 30 creative assets (title, image/video, text, description, CTA)
  2. Mixes and matches them for different subsets of your audience to gauge performance
  3. And automatically delivers the best combinations

Dynamic Creative

This brings many benefits for advertisers like yourself.

Dynamic Creative saves you time and effort from having to manually test multiple versions of a single ad. The tool can automatically run up to a maximum of 6,250 combinations and use performance to optimize which combinations are shown the most to specific subsets of a broad audience. With less wasted spend on testing, you’ll be able to use your ad budget more efficiently.

Analyzing results from Dynamic Creative will also yield clearer insights than before. The Breakdown feature allows you to view performance by Asset or Age & Gender to inform targeting and selecting of ad creatives for future campaigns.


Dynamic Creative is good, but how do you make it great again

What’s Dynamic Creative without enough creatives to test? To get the best possible results, you would need to use the maximum of 30 assets for each ad. And having 10 images or videos is probably the toughest box to check off.

No sweat if you’re on our platform. ReFUEL4 gives you the power of scalable creative production at your fingertips. Simply submit a brief and our global network of over 10,000 designers will respond in 72 hours with the quality creatives you need.

These creatives are analyzed by AI and ranked according to predicted ad performance, giving your Dynamic Creative test another layer of precision.

Facebook creative with AI score


Streamlined for maximum performance with minimal effort

It’s a hassle to download your creatives and reupload them onto Power Editor or Ads Manager, but you don’t need to with ReFUEL4. Our platform is fully integrated with Dynamic Creative so you can set up everything effortlessly.

Dynamic Creative integration

Targeting a similar audience? ReFUEL4 gives you the option of choosing from existing ad sets, rather than going through the trouble of starting from scratch.

Reuse Targeting for Dynamic Creative

You can also input variations of your ad text, headline, description, and CTA directly on the ReFUEL4 platform, and save them as Message Sets. This allows you to easily access and reuse these assets with new image or video creatives in the future.

Save Dynamic Creative Message Set

In need of inspiration for your assets? ReFUEL4 automatically builds SMART Message Sets based on the best performing ads in each of your previous campaigns, so you can take your proven success to the next level.

SMART Message Set for Dynamic Creative


Ready to get started?

From just $1,000 per month, you can get unlimited creative to drive campaign performance and access to a platform designed to unlock the full potential of Dynamic Creative. Book a demo with us to find out how you can use Dynamic Creative with ReFUEL4 today.


Russell Chua
Russell Chua
Content Marketer at Creadits

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How to Tell a Story: Excelling at Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Instagram and Snapchat are two of the most exciting and intriguing social media platforms.
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