4 Terrific Tips for Hauntingly Good Halloween Marketing

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The Biggest Challenges to Marketing Teams and How to Overcome Them

Overcome Challenges

Every marketing team has its fair share of hurdles. These can range from communication breakdowns with management to difficulty measuring ROI.

In a poll of 4,500 marketers, HubSpot found that 55 percent of B2B marketers are unsure about how effective content marketing should look. Whether you're integrating AI into ad campaigns, working on voice searches, trying to understand research data and ROI or dealing with decision-making delays, problems can occur on any level.

And sometimes you just get stuck.

The biggest challenges marketers face boils down to a few key areas. When addressed, they can create better workflows for marketers and maximize ROI.


Problem: Overlapping or missing skillsets

Solution: Hire marketing strategy advisers fluent in marketing strategies or offer team training

60 percent of consumers state that they've begun using voice searches on their smartphones in the past year. Is your marketing team equipped to seize this opportunity?

While your marketers may be trained in different specialties, scaling them sometimes equates to decreases in marketing efficiency. As businesses scale amidst increasing technological advances, they need to keep up to date and have complementary skillsets. They:

• May not know about optimizing SEO for voice searches or how to integrate AI into effective online ads

• May reference SEO optimization articles, but they aren't SEO specialists fluent in conversion rate data and trained in optimizing tools

• May still be using stock images

• May not utilize the latest online ad creative platform tools

What can you do?

Consider hiring a marketing strategy adviser or assess your team's abilities and areas of expertise and incorporate coaching or training where needed.

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Problem: Difficulty measuring ROI or ROAS accurately

Solution: Utilize service-level agreements to track customers and leads

Measuring ROI can prove challenging, but proving ROI goes hand-in-hand with tracking it for budgetary requirements. 88 percent of marketers state they need more insight in how to measure ROI.

What can you do?

Link sales results with marketing activities by incorporating marketing software with CRM. Next, consider using service-level agreements to track customers and lead generation through your various marketing activities.


Problem: Difficulty of explaining marketing results to management

Solution: Provide campaign reports, outline costs and net results, define strategic solutions

Facilitating communication can be a hurdle in business. When marketing teams don't have the data or analysis to communicate with managers, disconnects and communication gaps can develop. Hubspot states marketing metrics managers want may include things like CAC, M%-CAC, LTV:CAC, Time to Payback CAC, Marketing Originated Customer %, and Marketing Influenced Customer %.

What can you do?

Provide reports outlining costs, net results and campaign results. Highlight where problems may occur, and offer strategic solutions. Guiding management through the reporting process can keep communication lines open.


Problem: Marketing teams are unable to react fast enough because of time wasted on getting approval from everyone

Solution: Simplify review routing routines, establish clear deadlines, and utilize workflow templates.

While some decisions can be approved right away, marketers are finding that a lot of time is wasted getting approvals. 92 percent of marketers say delays are the main reason for missed deadlines. Marketers have to wait on decision "traffic" for even the smallest requests. Marketers state that it can take up to 8 attempts or up to 25-minutes to find the right document.

What can you do?

To streamline the decision process so everyone is on the same page faster, identify reviewers who can give final approvals. Get review steps in order with workflow templates. Create document plans, and label files correctly. Establish standard feedback processes. Make deadlines clear by including dates in approval or proof request emails.

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Russell Chua
Russell Chua
Content Marketer at Creadits

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