Why You Should Be Using HTML5 Ad Creatives for Better Results

If your company is still using static banners instead of HTML5 ad creatives, you could be losing out on a lot of cash.
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How Architecture Makes Me a Better Graphic Designer

Architectecture and Graphic Design.pngArchitects and graphic designers must be creative and artistic thinkers. Both offer professional design services, one in building design and the other in visual or auditory materials such as animation, posters, logos and websites. In addition, both professions use technology to complete and improve their design services. Therefore, graphic designers and architects actually have similar skills and knowledge.

I came to this realization when I started working on ReFUEL4 briefs. I found myself drawing on my architectural training and applying or adapting it to create good graphic designs. These are the similarities I discovered.

Educational experiences

Similar educational experiences.pngIn the academic circles, graphic design and pre-architecture programs are often part of the Art department. Consequently, the work required for both programs are similar and may overlap. In addition to this, students of graphic design and architecture must take a variety of classes in drawing, art, history, visual arts, computer graphics and digital design. The foundation training for both disciplines is therefore very similar. 

Job Requirements and Skills

Similar job requirements and skills.pngTo succeed in graphic design or architecture, you need artistic talent and creativity, as well as analytical, organizational and planning skills. In addition, potential employers prefer candidates with a thorough knowledge of computer programs and operations, presentation techniques, and spatial reasoning. The ability to make presentations and negotiate contracts is also crucial in both careers.

Job Descriptions and Partners

Job descriptions and partners.pngBeing part of the design field, graphic designers and architects also have similar tasks and job responsibilities. In addition to recruiting and securing a customer base, both create products and solutions based on customer needs and specifications too. Both graphic designers and architects use special programs and computer applications to make sketches and design.

Working Environment

Similar work environments.pngGraphic designers and architects spend most of their day at the desks.  However, they may spend some time outside the office in meetings with customers or potential consumers. In both careers the professional can be an autonomous worker or employee of professional companies. Most importantly, to be successful, both careers require them to be out there and to draw inspiration from their surroundings, society and things happening around them. 

As a result, I have found that working on ReFUEL4 briefs have also helped me sharpen or re-discover skills that are useful in my architectural practice. In fact, I would highly recommend anyone in the creative field to take on the challenge of designing effective ads for clients as a way to horne their design capabilities.  


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