Why You Should Be Using HTML5 Ad Creatives for Better Results

If your company is still using static banners instead of HTML5 ad creatives, you could be losing out on a lot of cash.
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Leveraging AI for Your Online Video Advertising

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In the rapidly changing landscape of online advertising, where technology is infusing the entire industry with abilities to create, shape and distribute a message like never before, engaging content is still proving to be the catalyst behind the most effective campaigns. To that point, online video advertising is quickly becoming the vanguard to the voice, spirit and tone for the most creative, engaging and persuasive online campaigns.

When coupled with the transformative powers of the industry's technology, AI in particular, video-based creative has the unique ability to mold itself to audience interests, expand brand recognition and appeal, and hold a consumer's attention to intensify the connection between individual and company. In short, AI can magnify the impact of your online video ads, optimizing them for ideal tone, timing and precision to provide your entire campaign vastly improved impact and reach.

The Unique Attributes to Online Video Ads

Given the wide range of digital content formats available to online campaigns, it's important to match your digital creative to the proper channels. In the case of video ads, they are particularly adept at creating atmosphere and overall appeal for your brand and message while also capable of delivering information in a convenient, succinct manner.

Also, with the widespread use of mobile devices, video ads are an extremely good fit for targeting your dynamic audience, lending your message a convenience that adapts well to a dominant distribution method, especially in smartphones. Statistically, your audience is much more inclined to devote their attention to streaming video on a mobile device than something like a television or even desktop computer. Targeting your video ads to mobile use also makes it much more likely to be shared among a user's contacts, extending the reach of your message.

Leveraging AI for All Facets of Your Video Advertising

Although spoken of for years, AI has struck the world of advertising with a force not felt since the advent of television. It is quickly transforming nearly every level of digital campaigns, from genesis to distribution, and is providing ads a potent mix of efficiency and impact, no matter the content and medium.

In online video advertising, employing AI throughout the process can help your campaign foster brand recognition, product knowledge and familiarity and, most importantly, engage your audience in a precise, fluid fashion.

Gather the Data, Put the Pieces Together

Although not exclusive to video ads, AI can significantly increase the insight and guidance provided by consumer data to build preference and behavioral models. Through the use of incredibly sophisticated algorithms, AI can transform reams of raw data into a powerful tool to help craft your overall strategy, creative design and message distribution.

Once the voluminous data is processed into meaningful, relatable pieces, AI can vastly improve the level of engagement created by your video ads through model testing, both for initial strategy as well as on an ongoing basis. The predictive analysis performed by the AI can inform the most effective design and assembly of your video creative relative to your target audience, mixing and matching pieces in the most impactful, effective manner possible.

Even after your campaign is running, AI can continue to provide your video ads guidance through a constant influx of consumer data, allowing you to make necessary changes to the ads in a real-time basis to improve their overall impact and longevity, all on the fly. Before AI, such changes required an immense amount of time, effort and money due to the tedious, laborious nature of standard A/B testing.

Even still, those old-fashioned testing procedures were incapable of providing the depth, scope and accuracy of insight that AI-based systems can afford your campaign. With AI, you can literally test millions of different combinations of creative video design, integrating any imaginable scenario to provide your campaign the most impactful video ads possible relative to your audience.

A Nod to the Slight Future

Like most technologies, the overall impact AI will have on digital advertising is likely still evolving. When specifically discussing the use of AI platforms in online video advertising, we are already starting to get glimpses of the true potential it holds. In China, AI technology firms have recently developed a new content integration system that scours thousands of hours of streaming video content in search of the best shows, segments and moments to utilize video ad placement.

By using image recognition and content analysis to identify the very best opportunities to integrate video ads into popular streaming video sites, the AI company PHD allows advertisers to use non-invasive, native formats to reach their preferred audience with extreme precision and impact. Given the fact that the initial trial of the AI system was based on a Unilever product, it's only a matter of time before the international conglomerate integrates the technology into its many different video ad campaigns across the globe.

Video advertising holds a distinct, powerful place among the different forms of digital creative. It can engage your audience, enhance your brand and extend your campaign's reach. By using AI to help assemble, test and distribute your online video ads, you are providing your entire campaign an efficiency, impact and longevity that will maximize impressions like no other tool before.

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