How to Tell a Story: Excelling at Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Instagram and Snapchat are two of the most exciting and intriguing social media platforms.
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One Easy Way for your Facebook Ad to Win the Click-through Lottery

LotteryEver wondered why your Facebook ads always seem to have low click-through rates? Here’s an analogy to help you understand better.

Imagine that the highly secretive chocolate factory in your town is finally opening its doors to visitors. Perfect! You’ve been waiting for this day since forever. The only catch – you need to own a Golden Ticket, which can be found hidden in a limited number of chocolate bars on sale at the only candy shop around.

You rush down to the shop to find that the shelves have been well-stocked with chocolate bars. There’s only one Golden Ticket in every 100 chocolate bars, the friendly cashier whispers to you. Yes, the average CTR for Facebook ads across all industries is 0.9%.

Unwrapping your first bar, your excitement quickly turns to disappointment. There’s no ticket to be found. You take a bite as you walk home and make plans to try again tomorrow.

But you can shift the odds in your favour

It’s quite clear that buying more chocolate bars at one go increases your chances of scoring a Golden Ticket. And the same logic applies to having more variations of your Facebook ad creative.

If a potential customer views your original ad and scrolls pass it the first time, he’ll probably do the same thing when he sees it again. On the other hand, a second ad with a different creative gives you another opportunity to catch his eye (and click).

To determine whether running ads with image variations had any effect on ad performance, we analyzed 13,159 ad sets across 7,141 campaigns between January and July 2017. This data was from 428 advertisers currently using ReFUEL4, and represented a diverse range of industries ranging from e-commerce to gaming.

Average CPC vs Number of images in ad setThe total number of clicks, impressions, spending, and images were closely examined for any possible correlation before we finally had a breakthrough. Our data showed that:
Each increase in the number of images per ad set reduces average CPC by $0.09

Produce more ad creatives with less effort

While it seems straightforward to start producing more creatives, the reality is most advertisers simply do not have the necessary time or resources.

But what if you could call on over 10,000 designers around the world to support you? With ReFUEL4, all you need to do is submit a brief to tell our global network of designers what you’re looking for and they’ll get to work right away.

In just 72 hours, you’ll benefit from scalable production and increase your volume of creatives substantially. Our client Paypal received 60 static images and videos, and managed to reduce their ad production cost by 90%!

Creatives ranked by ReFUEL4 AIWhat’s more, your new creatives will be analyzed by ReFUEL4’s AI to predict ad performance. This allows you to select the right creatives for the job without having to waste any budget on testing.

Don’t count on luck if you want to achieve a higher click-through rate at a lower cost. Book a demo with us today and get higher returns on your ad spend with more quality creatives.

Liang Yongjie
Liang Yongjie
Data at ReFUEL4

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Instagram and Snapchat are two of the most exciting and intriguing social media platforms.
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