Why You Should Be Using HTML5 Ad Creatives for Better Results

If your company is still using static banners instead of HTML5 ad creatives, you could be losing out on a lot of cash.
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ReFUEL4 Success Story: Metadata

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 15.00.57.png“Understanding the importance of rotating creatives is imperative for all advertisers. Once we showed our clients the work that the ReFUEL4 designers brought back to us, they were thoroughly impressed. Also, a lot of our customers do not have large media budgets, so every dollar counts. Refuel4's technology ensures that our client's advertising budget is being maximized to its fullest potential.

– Moran Altarac, VP of Operations, Metadata



Metadata works with B2B companies offering them closed-loop account based marketing various solutions to laser focus on their ideal customer and bring them in as opt-in qualified leads. Their patented technology pulls your historical sales data, enriches it, profiles your ideal customer (both company and persona) and finally orchestrates the process of accelerating existing opportunities & targeting net new accounts.




Metadata identified that their clients weren't able to effectively  experiment and lacked the ability to test different creative/text variations of their online ads at scale. They noticed that a lot of their clients for the most part have strict design standards but do not have variations of creative for an individual offer to perform strongly in the auctions of multiple platforms such as Facebook and Google. 




To experiment and test fresh new creatives at scale for all their clients online campaigns across multiple ad platforms. Additionally, increasing ROI for each client by maximizing campaign budgets on the auctions using ReFUEL4's proprietary COR methodology (Creative Optimal Rate).




Creative Optimal Rate (COR)

ReFUEL4’s COR  is the world’s only online creative performance measurement and optimization tool. By closely monitoring their clients COR scores and recommendations, Metadata was able to proactively ensure their clients' campaigns saw increased acquisitions and ROI.


The Quality of their Creative – this is an indication if active creatives have fallen victim to ad fatigue and need to be replaced with higher AI scored creatives. The ReFUEL4 AI score is able to predict the future performance of a creative- Metadata was able to highlight to their clients which new creatives were predicted to perform above average based on their campaign target.


The Desired Creative Quantity – Metadata was able to see in their clients COR reports if more creatives were needed to be replaced for each campaign or ad set for better performance in the auction. By doing this they were able to ensure their clients were consistenly getting ROI on their media budgets.


Pinpoint Which Creatives Need to be Refreshed – ReFUEL4's COR reports can indicate when your campaigns and, more specifically, which ad sets are suffering from ad fatigue. Metadata was able to create new briefs on the ReFUEL4 platform and receive new creatives back from thousands of designers within 48-72 hours. Thus, Metadata was able to keep their clients' ad campaigns optimized.


Smart Creative Management Powered by AI and Automation

ReFUEL4’s AI engine ranked each submitted creative with its own AI score according to its predicted performance, allowing Metadata's clients to make informed creative choices for their online ad campaigns. Underperforming ads were automatically detected and swapped with new ones and ReFUEL4 designers were prompted to produce more ads whenever a creative performance drop was detected.


Creative Resizing for Multiple Ad Platforms

In some instances, Metadata's clients had creatives in a single format and size but required repurposing to be able to use these for use across multiple ad platforms. ReFuel4 was able to resize and convert into new formats such to suit each platform and campaign. This enabled them to test at scale rapidly. 



 Across the board, Metadata's clients saw an increase in acquisitions and significant reduction in time for repurposing (resizing and reformatting) creatives used across multiple ad platforms. They also saw:

– 3% decrease in CPM month on month for their clients across multiple ad platforms

– 12% increase in total reach for all clients

24% increase in return on ad spend through acquisition using ReFUEL4 creatives


David Flynn
David Flynn
Customer Success Manager at ReFUEL4

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