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Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts and How to Sell Them Online

An estimated $23.1 billion was spent in the U.S. during Mother's Day in 2018, making it the second largest haul for retailers in the past 15 years.

This shouldn't come as a surprise though; Mother's Day sales have always held their own among key events such as Black Friday and Christmas in the marketing calendar.

With children (and even spouses) eager to show their appreciation for the mothers in their lives, there's a clear opportunity for businesses to turn gift ideas into revenue. Especially if you happen to be selling the most popular Mother's Day gifts.

According to a survey done by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, these are the top 10 Mother's Day gifts that Americans planned to purchase:

  1. Greeting cards (77 percent of surveyed)
  2. Flowers (69 percent)
  3. Special outings, such as brunch or dinner (55 percent)
  4. Gift cards (45 percent)
  5. Clothing (36 percent)
  6. Jewelry (34 percent)
  7. Personal services, such as spa sessions (24 percent)
  8. Houseware or gardening tools (19 percent)
  9. Books or music (19 percent)
  10. Consumer electronics (14 percent)

You probably have at least one of these gifts sitting in your physical or virtual shelves, but so do hundreds of other retailers. To stand out in this increasingly competitive playing field, you'll need an effective strategy for marketing your product and services.

Even if what you're selling isn't at the top of shoppers' minds yet, the following tips will help you to clinch a share of the lucrative Mother's Day sales.


Where to sell my Mother's Day gifts

31 percent of shoppers planned to buy their Mother's Day gifts online in 2018, and that number will only continue to grow over the next decade.

E-commerce is here to stay, but that doesn't mean you should be in a rush to shutter your physical stores either. Businesses are increasing adopting online-to-offline (O2O) commerce to create a seamless shopping experience for their customers, and this could prove especially important for certain types of gifts.

There are a number of online channels you can use to drive both digital and in-store sales, including email, search, display and social media.

Search and display advertising complement each other to raise awareness and nurture interest over time. EDMs are great for engaging existing customers and getting them to make a repeat purchase.

Meanwhile, building a social media marketing plan around Mother's Day allows your products to be discovered. And the latest developments in e-commerce features on social could be the final push to get your customers to checkout their cart.

Each business is unique, and you should test each of these channels to see which works best for you. The average person is on multiple platforms across various devices today, so be sure to leave a strong impression at every possible touchpoint.


When should I start running ads for Mother's Day gifts

The rise in sales of flowers and gifts typically starts around three to four weeks before Mother's Day itself, according to data from Criteo.

As such, it would be good to start running your paid ads for the month leading up to Mother's Day to get the best ROI.

In the last week before Mother's Day, people tend to make purchases on their mobile phones rather than desktops and conversion rates increase by up to 70 percent. This presents a great opportunity for retargeting using mobile ad formats, as your customers are in a hurry to place orders and get their gifts in time.

What should my ads for Mother's Day gifts say?

An effective ad can make a world of difference and determine whether someone purchases a gift from you or your competitor.

But designing an effective ad is easier said than done.

The basic principles are to understand your customer's needs and provide a solution to improve their situation. Translating these into actual ads is understandably more challenging, given the differences between each potential Mother's Day gift idea.

Not to fret though. We'll be analyzing ad creatives in each category of the top 10 Mother's Day gifts to provide insights about how you should sell your product.


1. How to sell Greeting Cards

Many moms say a card is all they want for Mother's Day. Some of them mean what they say.

Either way, greeting cards have proven themselves to be the safe option for sons and daughters (which explains their number one popularity among Mother's Day gifts).

Rather than poke fun at the lack of creativity in gift choices, this ad from Hallmark boasts how their cards have a zero rate of failure when it comes to making moms happy.

Hallmark Mother's Day card ad

It resonates with children who have gone through the difficulty of picking out a gift among hundreds of products, only for their mom to respond with an awkward Thank You upon unveiling it.

By tapping on a common experience in a humorous way, Hallmark succeeds in convincing us of the merits of a humble greeting card.

Buying a mass produced card with a generic Mother's Day quote doesn't cut it for children who want to show their heartfelt appreciation. But the truth is most of us don't have the time (or artistic talent) to make a decent handmade card.

Walgreens customized Mother's Day card adIf your company provides customization of Mother's Day cards like Walgreens, be sure to highlight it in your ad creatives to appeal to those who want to add a personal touch to their gift.

People often get a Mother's Day card to go along with another gift they bought, which means having to shop for two items.

Free Mother's Day cardWhile this tip isn't strictly about selling greeting cards, you can save your customers some time and money by offering free cards with every purchase of your product.

Tell your customers about this freebie in your ad creative and it makes your gift idea fuss-free and instantly more attractive.


2. How to sell Flowers

Flowers are the second most popular gifts for Mother's Day, and you would think selling them online is a fairly straightforward task.

However, a survey from ContentSquare showed that the bulk of people still prefer to shop for flowers or bouquets at their local florist. This probably boils down to a desire to select the right flowers in person and bring them home on the day itself.

For those with a physical store, you should geographically target your ads to those in the vicinity and emphasize the availability of same-day collection to drive more sales.

To minimize the friction of ordering online, your ads should also make it easier to choose the most suitable flowers for mothers with distinct tastes. For instance, this ad creative from Flower Muse showcases a whole range of styles for every mom.

Flower Muse Mother's Day adIf you are unable to allow your customers to collect their flowers from a brick and mortar store, the next best thing would be to offer same-day delivery and shout about it in your ad like Teleflora did.

Teleflora Mother's Day ad


3. How to sell Special Outings

The survey done by the National Retail Federation indicated 45 percent of those aged 18 to 34 planned to give "gifts of experience" to their mothers rather than something physically tangible.

This reflects the changing mindsets of sons and daughters born after the 1980s and how they value quality time and moments spent with loved ones.

With the most common of gifts being a nice brunch or dinner out with Mom, it's important to frame it as more than just another meal out.

Resorts World Sentosa Mother's Day adTake a cue from this ad creative from Resorts World Sentosa and use words like "special" and "treat" to sell your gift as part of a memorable day for the whole family.

HootersAlso consider running a promotion in your ads to show appreciation for mothers like Hooters did. Your customers will thank you for giving them an opportunity to spend precious time with their mothers without burning a hole in their wallets.


4. How to sell Gift Cards

Gift cards have long been associated with a lack of thought or effort on the giver’s end. This remains the biggest obstacle to overcome before you can convince your customers to purchase a gift card for their mom.

Daughters, sons and spouses don’t want to feel as though they are taking the easy way out, or that they don’t understand their mother well enough to pick out a specific item.

Northgate Shopping Centre Mother's Day adThis ad creative from Northgate Shopping Centre works by cleverly referring to the old adage of “Mother knows best” to frame its gift cards as the only way for Mom to get what she truly wants and not what you assumed she’d love.

A gift card is one of the most generic items you could purchase, so it’s also important to feature a clear Mother’s Day theme and give your customers an idea of the products their moms could possibly get. Sephora does this well.

Sephora Mother's Day ad

5. How to sell Clothing

With the average American expected to spend $180 on their mothers and those between 35 and 44 willing to pay up to $224, cross-selling should be a crucial part of your online ad creatives for clothing.

Gap Mother's Day adJ.Crew Mother's Day adHelp your customers pick out entire outfits for Mom like Gap and J.Crew did, and you're guaranteed to achieve a higher average order value than before.

Sunglasses Mother's Day adAnother way to boost sales for your apparel and accessories? The idea of a matching look with mom is not only fun for children, but also doubles the revenue you could be getting this Mother's Day.

Ad creatives for clothes don't always need to be about #OOTDs or new arrivals. Kate Spade and Harvey Nichols took the opportunity to throw some shade at another popular Mother's Day gift – flowers – while promoting their products as more long-lasting and stylish.

Kate Spade Mother's Day adHarvey Nichols Mother's Day ad


6. How to sell Jewelry

87% of those interviewed by ContentSquare say they would purchase jewelry for mom at a physical store, rather than buy it online. After all, you would want to take a closer look at what you're buying if it costs a substantial amount of money.

Online retailers of jewelry need to focus on a different segment of the market during Mother's Day. On the other side of the spectrum lies personalized bracelets, necklaces and rings, which are more readily purchased via e-commerce sites.

Personalized Jewelry Mother's Day adTo catch the attention of customers, your ad creatives for such products should feature the variety of customization options and emphasize the personal touch they come with.

Jewelry Mother's Day ad

7. How to sell Personal Services

Mother's Day is meant to be a special occasion for moms to take a breather and be rewarded for all the hard work they put in over the years. Which is the perfect fit for gifts such as spa days or massages.

Massage Mother's Day adWhen running online ads, make it a point to persuade sons and daughters to pamper their moms with your personal services. The below ad creative from Falling Waters Spa even takes it one step further to proclaim moms deserve more than a simple dinner out.

Falling Waters Spa Mother's Day ad

8. How to sell Houseware or Gardening Tools

Whipping up nutritious meals and tending to the garden are just two of the countless tasks that mothers everywhere have taken upon themselves.

These chores often take too much energy and leave mom tired at the end of the day, which is why many choose to give houseware and gardening tools to make life easier beyond Mother's Day.

The copy for ad creatives selling household products is especially crucial, as the action of giving such items need to be framed as thoughtful and appreciative Children and spouses don't want to feel as though they are taking their moms for granted.

Bosch Mother's Day adCheck out these examples from Bosch and Dirt Devil to figure out how to bring across the right message in your digital advertising tactfully.

Dirt Devil Mother's Day ad

9. How to sell Books or Music

Books and music make great Mother's Day gifts in the eyes of most children and spouses; the problem usually lies in having to pick out the right one in an ever-growing digital library of products.

Mother's Day ad for booksYour task as an online retailer of books or music is to make it easier for your customers to find the perfect gift for their mom. Showcase and classify your products by genres and tastes in your ad creatives, and they'll thank you for the help by checking out faster.


10. How to sell Consumer Electronics

From digital cameras to tablets, there's bound to be a consumer electronic product Mom would appreciate. That's why this product category easily ranks among the top ten Mother's Day gifts.

Given how fast technology is evolving, it is quite likely the mothers your customers are shopping for are not acquainted with the latest and greatest products you have to offer online.

This is an opportunity for your ad creatives to speak out to children and get them to bond with their mothers over the capabilities of a new gadget, like what Apple did with their ad for an iPad.

Apple iPad Mother's Day adAs opposed to the boring practicality of household appliances, consumer electronics appeal more to the interests and desires of moms. Peruvian department store Oechsle cleverly plays on this by raising the price of a steam iron so customers can get what their mothers truly want.

Oechsle Mother's Day ad

Great ad creatives are key to great Mother's Day sales

What you say in your ad creatives can either work wonders among the best Mother's Day ads of all time, or fail to inspire your customers to spend anything on your e-commerce site.

Take some time to craft an effective message. If not, speak to us for quality creative services to take your online revenue to the next level this Mother's Day.

Russell Chua
Russell Chua
Content Marketer at Creadits

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