4 Terrific Tips for Hauntingly Good Halloween Marketing

The summer is finally, ending which means that the weather is cooling down and that the fall's almost here, which also means it's time for companies to start thinking about their autumnal ma...
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Will your Ad Creative Perform? AI has the answer.

Ad Creative Performance

Quality ad creatives have been likened to the fuel which keeps digital campaigns running at their peak and rightly so – research shows they are responsible for 75%-95% of ad performance and can potentially contribute up to 52% in sales lift.

Advertisers have trouble coming to an agreement, though, on what makes a creative good. Relying on a (highly subjective) hunch to decide which ad creative to run was the way to go for the last two decades, and this often proved a costly mistake. Thousands in ad spend would have gone down the drain before advertisers realized they put their precious budget behind the wrong creative.


Solving this problem with Predictive Analytics

Since 2016, ReFUEL4 has brought advertisers one step closer to solving this problem.

Our advanced AI engine analyzes the historical data in ad accounts and uses machine learning to predict future performance of ad creatives. An AI score is then assigned to each creative based on how likely it would perform for different campaign objectives. Advertisers now had an objective measure of creative quality, even before spending a single ad dollar.

Try analyzing your ad creatives with our free Ad Analyzer here!


Taking it to the next level

The overall objectives at the campaign level, targeting at the ad set or group level, and text/headline/CTA combinations at the ad level affect how well an ad creative performs as well. Taking this into account, we have made improvements to our platform so advertisers can better interpret the AI scores of their creatives in the context of each individual ad.



Our AI:

  1. Takes the existing assets, targeting and objectives of each ad
  2. Runs a simulation to predict how well a new creative would perform in place of the current creative

The new creative is then assigned an AI score (from 1- to 5-Star) for each active ad in the account, and the scores are averaged out to give the Account Weighted AI Score.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 4.25.52 PM.png

The length of each bar is proportionate to the number of 1- to 5-Star scores achieved respectively. In the above scenario, the ad creative received the most 5-Star scores followed by 1-Star scores.

The Account Weighted AI Score allows advertisers to determine the basic quality of an ad creative at a quick glance. For a closer look at how an ad creative would perform in terms of conversions, CTR, clicks, app installs, video views, likes or post engagement,  advertisers can choose to view the AI Score based on the required objective as well.


This AI Score is calculated by:

  1.  Taking the existing assets and targeting of each ad
  2.  Using the selected objective instead of the original objective
  3.  Running another simulation with the new creative replacing the current creative

In the above instance, the new creative has a higher probability of performing in terms of likes than in terms of the original objective associated with each ad.


What does this mean for you?

With our new and improved platform, it is now easier to:

  1. Determine whether a new creative would perform in place of the current creatives running in your ads
  2. Identify which objective(s) your new creative would deliver the best performance for

This allows you to optimize your ads with greater accuracy than before, and unlocks better returns on ad spend (ROAS).

If you're ready to harness the power of ReFUEL4's AI-powered solutions, simply fill up the form below and get in touch with us!


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Russell Chua
Russell Chua
Content Marketer at Creadits

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