How Geometric Patterns Are Shaping Design Trends

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Incorporating geometric patterns is one of the major design trends in 2016. They are commonly used in all sorts of ways such as graphic, web, interior, architectural, packaging and more.

Shapes are more than just a group of connected lines. The use of it is found in element of designs and images. They convey a certain message or meaning that you are unaware of. Just a square, circle and triangle in a design create an impact of what you may think from it. It evokes emotion, mood, movement and symbolize idea. They are grouped under the category of geometric shapes and are made up of patterns that are easily recognizable by us. It may seem just a basic shape that even a kindergarten kid would know. However, there are many reasons so as to their popularity.

Illusion of movement

What makes the building an eye-catching feature? The geometric patterned elements of each building interlocks to create an illusion of movement. The use of bold shapes is adjusted to form a wave motion. The whole idea gives a sense of movement in a design rather than something static. Get creative and a little illusionary with shapes.

Geometric Portraits

There is no limitation in what geometric patterns can do. Check out one of the famous trends of having geometric portrait in album covers and brochures. A combination of basic shapes, light texture and vivid color creates a dimensional and striking portrait. If you’re adventurous enough, just construct a portrait of yourself with just these three simple elements.


The great thing about geometric shape is that some of them tessellate. They are considered as shapes that are repeated without any gaps or overlapping. Try interlocking them to form a leading line that directs the eyes to a certain direction. It will have a strong effect when the shapes are combined with images or objects that aligns to each element.

Keep It Minimal

Many have quote “less is more”, what do they exactly mean by that? Minimalism is one of the most influential styles in design today. This is achieved by using only elements that are necessary to a given design. Shapes and patterns are expected to be basic and less complex. This is to balance the few elements that appear in a design.

Delicate Pattern

We don't need striking shapes for a design to stand out. In fact, thin and delicate geometric shapes can be just as functional and beautiful as stronger and sharper ones. It helps to keep a design clean, elegant and professional. You don’t have to flaunt your pattern as a major element in every design. Also, it suits more in corporate branding such as name cards and resumes.

Geometric Gradient

Another way to bring in geometric pattern to a corporate design is by using gradient. Using a gradient-like palette is a fantastic way in making it look subtle and sleek. Consider trying it in your next project.

Geometric Negative Shapes

Negative space is the space around and between subjects of an image. It becomes visible when it forms an interesting relevant shape. When you mix both geometric patterns and photograph, it will enhance the contrast and give a unique and interesting edge. Negative shapes and contrast need to work well together as they are designed in a way to create viewer’s participation in comparing the various components. Look how it turns a boring photo into something intriguing.

The key to capturing your viewer’s heart is by adding instant visual interest. There’s nothing quite boring as setting your eyes on a blank piece of plain colors. Geometric patterns pop visual interest to your design. Create purposive design through the various concepts of geometric patterns and the end-result will just unexpectedly mesmerize you.

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