Why You Should Be Using HTML5 Ad Creatives for Better Results

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If your company is still using static banners instead of HTML5 ad creatives, you could be losing out on a lot of cash.

These days, it doesn't matter how often your display ads appear – you have to make them dynamic in order to get them noticed by your target audience.

When the major browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox stopped their support for Flash content, display advertising changed completely.

Flash has become pretty much obsolete, but there are still agencies that are offering services for Flash display ads. Don't fall for the cheap prices – these digital ads simply don't get noticed and that means they are not bringing you any more customers.

A study by Adform showed that clickthrough rates of rich media ads are 267 percent greater than those from static ads.

HTML5 is the fifth iteration of the HTML language that developers and designers use. This version allows developers and designers to create small canvases that can be used for ad formats.

This means you can create new, fresh and eye-catching concepts that integrate into your ad and grab attention. With the amount of marketing material that users are being exposed to today, the more you can do to encourage the user to engage, interact and enjoy the experience the better.

How HTML5 Ads Differ From Static Ads

Website visitors might never even glance at static banners. But when ads have movement, it is much more difficult to ignore.

Instead of just a flat image or text, rich media ads can include graphics, animation, video, sound and interactivity – and the right combination can make an ad very visually appealing to a viewer.

You can give your audience control of the ad by offering ways for them to find out more, watch a video and other navigations. All of these elements make HTML5 ads far superior to static ads.

Benefits of Using HTML5 Creatives

HTML5 ads set your brand apart and make it more relevant to viewers. And they allow you to help marketers produce ever more sophisticated banners in-house.

Here are some of the benefits of using HTML5 creatives for your digital marketing campaigns.

Drive Engagement

Statistics from eMarketer show an improved click-through rate using rich media banner ads.

Video and rich media are expected to see the greatest growth compared to all other types of digital display. Engagement is what leads to conversions, so companies big and small are learning the value of investing in HTML5.

When using a creative management platform (CMP), marketers can also access viewer data and tools like heat maps to see how successful different designs are.

With the technological advances we have made, it's also simple to make real-time updates to live banners to keep them timely, relevant and successful.

Get More Creative

HTML5 ads offer a nearly unlimited amount of ad types to choose from and use across all devices. This leaves tons of room to experiment and get creative with ad designs.

From changing the type of content in your ads to combining graphics and sound or creating interactive experiences, the sky is the limit. This makes a much more dynamic and inspiring experience for designers and a much more enjoyable experience for viewers.

Increased Click-Through

Rich media ads offer better click-through rates and viewability than static ads. They have also been found to be more memorable, making them influence brand recall and recognition.

Instead of sending viewers to a single landing page, rich media can link to several pages to provide a more customized experience. The landing pages can show information relevant to the choices the viewer made, driving further brand engagement.

Larger Space For Visuals

Static ads only allow for a limited amount of space on a website determined by the site owner. With HTML5, you can create a more dynamic experience and convey more information to show off products or services.

You can use scrolling content, embedded visuals, expandables and more. It's a much more effective method of digital advertising than the single frame static ad.

Inspiring Examples

Take a look at some of these examples of HTML5 ads that have had amazing success.

Nike Free by Digitaland

The Nike Free ad features a beautiful video, smart copy and an enjoyable user experience.

It begins with a video of the Kenyan National Team running on a trail through the beautiful hills. They're all wearing vibrant orange Nike running shoes.

When the video ends, viewers can browse the collection of shoes, check out features, look at close-ups, etc.

The ad was a huge success, with over 50,000 views, an interaction rate of 47 percent and a click-through rate of 22.3 percent.

Netflix Advertising for Narcos

When Netflix launched its new series Narcos in August of 2015, it wanted to reach a global audience with different interests and languages.

They worked with a creative agency and Google to develop multiple creative variations of HTML5 designs that run on any device and fit on any screen that they could serve to segments around the world.

By coming up with messages that would appeal to different target viewers in each culture, they created an ad campaign that could scale as needed.

Narcos was a major hit around the globe in just days after its release. Netflix renewed the show for a second season only a week after the release.

Innovation in rich media creatives should be a major part of your digital marketing strategy. If you're not already using HTML5 creatives, now is the time to dive deeper and entice users with more dynamic ads!

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