The launch of Xapo’s new revamped app came amid financial unrest in Argentina. This allowed them to position the app as one that can help users secure their currency and assets. The crucial period meant that Xapo had to scale its campaign fast, across multiple platforms.

Through its partnership with Creadits, Xapo was able to increase their app installs by 50%, as well as deliver a gamut of localised content with agility.

Meeting User Needs

In August 2019, a month after Xapo launched a new service within their mobile wallet application in Argentina and Brazil, the Argentinian currency saw a plunge amid political turmoil.

Xapo saw this as a chance to extend its reach to users who can employ its services to keep their assets safe in a different currency.

Faced with this unique window of opportunity, Xapo needed a marketing partner that would be able to help them execute and launch a campaign with agility. Furthermore, they required a partner that would be able to understand the regional market as well as its cultural nuances, and would be able to help with the localisation of content.

Creadits was selected to help Xapo with the launch of their campaigns across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Apps.


Xapo needed to communicate a number of its unique selling propositions (USPs), given the financial crisis in Argentina. They were:

• The quickest and most convenient way to store US dollars

• One stop platform to buy and hold US dollars

• Ability to convert currencies at any time

• Landing page redesign & optimization

• Ease of use by transferring directly to bank accounts

• Safe storage of money

Additionally, Xapo wanted the content to travel across a diverse audience, while ensuring the copy, tone and its visuals were catered to individual markets.

To do so, Creadits employed a number of creative strategies to reach different target audience personas across social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn, to relay these specific USPs through varied content formats like static images, video, carousel and HTML5 ads.

Some of the key messages/themes explored included:

1. Showcase how secure the app is

2. Highlight how convenient and accessible the app is

3. Depict how easy it is to manage one's assets through a mobile app

4. Present the usability factor of the app's simple user interface

In a span of 4 months, Creadits was able to deliver over 60 creative assets which contained a mix of static posts, animated and GIF videos, Facebook playable ad formats, HTML email and landing page layouts, as well as creative design layouts.


— 14% Increase in app installs

— 50% Increase in app install conversion rates

"Creadits has vastly improved our user acquisition campaigns by providing a multitude of quality ad variations within a short period of time."

  • Borka Majkic - Senior Growth Marketing, Mobile Products
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