7 Free App Marketing Tools You Should Be Using Now

June 1, 2022

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With more than 2 million mobile applications available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, you'll face some fierce competition when you launch your next mobile app. Fortunately, there are a number of app marketing tools that can give you exactly the boost you need.

Although there are a ton of costly ones available, price and performance aren't always correlated. Here are 7 free app marketing tools that work just as well as (if not better than) the paid options.

1. Google Analytics 4

What if you could understand exactly how people use your app – which screens they spend the most time on, which buttons they press, and what hours they're most active?

Thanks to the real-time analytics platform Google Analytics 4, you can do all that and much, much more.

Insights about how users navigate your app, i.e. "user journeys," are tremendously valuable. They can confirm your preconceived notions about how people should use the application, or surprise you by revealing certain behaviors that you didn't expect.

For example, you can identify your app's most popular features and then highlight them in your online advertising, or figure out the best ways to convert users into paying customers.

The best news: the Google Analytics is completely free of charge!

2. Flurry Analytics

Another free solution for in-app analytics, the Flurry Analytics software from Yahoo is perhaps better suited for mature businesses.

Flurry by helps you track users' activity for all the mobile apps in your portfolio. You can easily compare the performance of different apps, including the iOS and Android versions, within a single holistic dashboard.

Most notably, Flurry Analytics allows even non-technical business users to dive deep into the data.

Any employee can use Flurry Analytics to perform complex analyses and apply segmentation in order to better understand how users progress through specific paths within your apps.

3. App Annie

In order to market your app well, you first need to understand your product, your audience, and your market. For example, you probably wouldn't open a skateboard shop right next to a retirement home.

App Annie calls itself "the leader in app market data and analytics." The company provides an all-in-one platform for information such as app downloads, usage, revenue, and engagement.

The App Annie Connect software platform, which aggregates data about app advertising and in-app usage patterns for more than 1 million mobile apps, is completely free of charge.

App Annie also offers the Intelligence software platform, which helps you identify promising market opportunities and which has both free and paid tiers.

4. Branch

In today's crowded mobile app marketplace, your app can't stand on its own if you want attention – you need a slick, attention-grabbing marketing campaign. Branch is an app marketing tool that makes sure you always connect people to the right places.

For example, Branch offers the Universal Email solution for your email marketing efforts.

Through the power of "deep linking," mobile users who click on a link in your marketing emails will be redirected to the exact page or product within your mobile app that you want them to see, rather than the main page of the app.

Branch's core "deep linking" platform is free for all mobile apps up to 10,000 monthly active users.

5. Usability Hub

Usability is a key concern when it comes to mobile app marketing.

Your app's design should be clean, attractive, and easy to use – but how can you get a second opinion from real users outside your organization?

By using the Usability Hub platform, you'll get the data you need to back up your design decisions. For example, you can run a "five-second test" where you ask users to give their first impressions of your design after viewing it for a short period of time.

Meanwhile, "first-click tests" track users' paths through your app after being assigned a task to complete.

A basic Usability Hub account is completely free of charge. Paid accounts include additional features such as custom branding, A/B testing, and the ability to segment participants based on demographics.

6. Buffer

More than 2 billion people use one of the top 5 social networks every month – it's hard to find a bigger audience. It's no surprise that 77 percent of small businesses acquire at least one-fourth of their customers via social media.

Social media allows you to use effective marketing tactics such as viral videos, influencers, and targeted digital ads. However, managing all of your different accounts can seem like a full-time job all on its own.

The scheduling app Buffer vastly simplifies this process by allowing you to "set and forget" posts to your various social media accounts.

Simply provide the text of the post and the time that you want it to be published, and Buffer will take care of the rest.

Buffer has a "freemium" pricing model: you can connect three accounts for free and schedule 10 posts at the same time.

7. Segment

Most companies have access to a vast treasure trove of invaluable marketing data on their customers, but making the best use of this data is another story.

With so many app marketing tools at your fingertips (including the ones listed above), integrating all of this information is a challenge of its own.

Segment is a software platform that simplifies the process of collecting and integrating your customer data. You can pull in data from applications such as your CRM software and connect it with hundreds of tools for growth and analytics.

For example, you can link analytics data from your mobile app with personal data from your customer relationship management (CRM) platform, so that you can build a more complete picture of your users' background and behaviors.

You can then send targeted messages and notifications to these users, depending on which demographics they're in and which stage of the marketing conversion funnel they're at.

The platform is free of charge for the basic tier, which includes 1,000 monthly tracked users and two sources of data.

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