How to Harness the Power of Display Ads for E-Commerce

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If you run a business that sells products and goods online only, then your digital advertising strategy needs to be tailored to attract digital customers – and different than one that attempts to bring people into brick and mortar stores. E-commerce is an industry that's growing (e-commerce sales are supposed to reach $4.058 trillion per year by 2020), and businesses can harness the power of display ads to market products, generate leads and convert people to paying customers.

Here are some specific ways that you can use display advertising, such as the Google Display Network, to help boost and promote your e-commerce business.

Use High-Quality Imagery

The point of using display ads for an e-commerce business is to entice an internet user to buy the good you are selling to them online. To make sure they have a good idea of what that item is, and why they should buy it, they need to have a clear idea of what it looks like and how they can use it.

For that reason, it's essential to use high-quality photographs and images in your display ads. Images in ads can also help boost memory and retention in shoppers – which means they'll be more likely to walk away from their browsing session remembering information about your company and what you're selling.

Ensure that the photos you use in ads are taken by photographers who specialize in capturing the goods you're selling and that the ads themselves are designed by experienced graphic designers. You want to ensure that your ad content is both professional looking, as well as pleasing to the eye.

By making your ad visually appealing to consumers, you up the chances they're enticed to look further into what you're selling – and then maybe that they'll be convinced to buy once they arrive at your site.

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Rotate Creatives Regularly

When it comes to display advertising, ad fatigue is a real thing. If you're planning to promote specific products using display ads (like banners), then you're going to want to have multiple ad creatives ready – even if those creatives are for the same product.

Users can tire of seeing the same ad content quickly, which can lead them to ignore the ad or to use an ad blocker to stop seeing it completely. By having multiple creatives ready to go, you can switch out the creative every few days and lessen the chance that people get sick of seeing your ads' content.

Include Promotions and Deals

In your display advertising content, include information about particular deals and promotions. That way, shoppers can see deals that are available right now, then visit your site to take advantage of them.

Make sure that your CTA is very clear in the display ad and that the ad links to a landing page that offers the consumer a clear, straightforward way to take advantage of the deal you are offering. By making it easy for shoppers to take advantage of deals with display ads, you up the chances they check out what you have to offer – and that they convert as soon as they visit your site or landing page.

Use Retargeting to Target Qualified Leads

Retargeting is a strategy that uses display ads to attract the attention of people who have already visited your site – or expressed interest in the things that you sell – and convince them to buy.

When you use retargeting, display ads will show internet users items that they have already looked at online or searched for on your website (or a search engine). By using retargeted display ads, you can remind the shopper of the item they were looking at, bring their attention back to the potential purchase, and (hopefully) persuade them that they should actually bite the bullet and buy.

You can target a variety of qualified leads using retargeted display ads. Some of the types of customers you can target include those who have abandoned their carts, those who browsed but never put items in carts, those who searched search engines for keywords related to your business (but never visited your site) and more.

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Test and Hone

Like all display ads, e-commerce ads perform best when they're launched based on data from previous campaigns. Collect and analyze the numbers from previous display ads – then figure out which ads worked (in terms of creative, placement, timing and more) and which didn't. Then, hone your advertising strategy based on that information. By refining your display advertising strategy as you go, you can ensure that each digital ad you use is more powerful than the one before – and that every investment you make into advertising your business ends up paying off.

If you want to attract the right audience for your e-commerce company, it makes sense that you would want to take advantage of digital display ads to draw their attention to what you do – then convince them to buy. By keeping some specific e-commerce-focused strategies in mind, you can attract the right crowd of potential consumers, then convert the ones that will become your loyal, paying customers.

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