How the top match 3 games are advertising in 2020

February 3, 2021

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Knowing the Competition:
How the top match 3 games are advertising

As a creative partner for every genre of gaming advertisers, one of the key things we do here at Creadits is monitor key industry trends. In a report by App Annie, the top category by growth in downloads in 2019 was casual games. In particular, we’ve seen a huge surge in popularity for match 3 games in recent years. Thus, we reviewed a range of match 3 titles with a diverse range of gameplay and storytelling genres – Homescapes, Toy Blast, Hay Day Pop, Cookie Jam and Small Town Murders.

For ease of accessibility, we’ve gathered data from top match 3 games that were visible via the Facebook ad library for the month of July. As over 60% of the creatives were videos, we consolidated them and focused on the creative aspects that are feasible only for video formats.

Key data points for consideration:

  • The average video length is 27.1s
  • 72% of the ads were videos
  • 98.2% of the ads are with guided gameplay
  • In general, the first 3s of the ads convey the game’s USP and ease of gameplay

Looking at our clients’ competitors and their ad data gives us huge insight into what is potentially working for them. From there, we break down the creative elements and propose fresh concepts. As a result, it gives our clients significant edge when competing alongside them.

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