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Despite stiff competition on Facebook ads, cooking club subscription service Raddish Kids increased its conversion rate by 36% and scaled its business by focusing on creative concepts to appeal to different motivations of the target audience(s).


  • Lower conversions and increased CPA (Cost per Action) despite 25% increase in monthly budget, as compared to 2018.
  • Limited resources to test multiple creative concepts due to a lean in-house team.
Marketing Objectives
  • To maximise profits and increase conversions during the 2019 year-end festive season.
  • To maintain profitability while competing in the Facebook ads auction during the Q4 2019 gifting season.
  • To test a wider range of ad creatives and messaging in order to scale their business.
  • To improve ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) by minimising the impact of rising media costs.
Target Audience
  • Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts.
  • Has a little master chef among them.
  • Looking for a unique gift that isn’t just another plastic toy.
  • Wants something that the whole family can enjoy and learn from.


With the target audience in mind, Creadits formulated four broad creative concepts. Each distinct concept was based on one key message and was represented by various different visual directions.

The high volume of variations and range of concepts were instrumental in allowing Raddish Kids to identify niche sub audiences, which led to successfully scaling their subscription service. Variations include a mix of videos, statics and motion graphics for each creative concept.

Creative Concepts:

1: Education
Key Message:

Parents who want to instill confidence and interest in the wide world in their children

Creative Concept:

Kids Can Conquer – Discover flavours from different cultures around the world. Learn to dice, blend, grill and bake.

2: Gifting
Key Message:

A different gifting experience for those that want to be more thoughtful

Creative Concept:

The Perfect Gift (Video Format) – By focusing on two of Raddish Kids’ best qualities, fun and empowerment, this concept reinforces the message that the target audience still has time to buy the perfect gift for their kids.  Why not Raddish kids?

3: Creating Memories
Key Message:

A family activity that everyone can enjoy.  And not just the cooking!

Creative Concept:

More Than Just A Culinary Experience – Stop-motion video that shows various elements of Raddish Kids. Children don’t just learn how to cook and build their confidence, they also delve into science and math.

4: Family Bonding
Key Message:

Family traditions are important

Creative Concept:

A short, animated video focused on holiday traditions. It features children cooking happily, as well as gingerbread cookies, animated holiday lights and text.


Highest conversion volume in December 2019

36% YoY increase in conversion rate in December

38% reduced CPA from October-December 2019

31% lower actual CPA than targeted CPA

14% lower YoY eCPM in US market

"Creative is the key driver for paid social acquisition performance, and Creadits keeps our arsenal well stocked. We're able to test many more variations of ad creative than we could on our own. They've done a great job of synthesising our value propositions and keeping concepts fresh across all digital formats."

  • Seth Barnes - Co-Founder and CMO of Raddish Kids
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