PayPal operates a worldwide online payments system in over 200 markets. Its mission is to make it simple for people to get what they want. PayPal creates technology and provides services that enable people to pay anywhere, anytime any way.


A large number of ad creatives were needed to drive PayPal’s multi-market customer acquisition campaign.

Lack of resources resulted in them running their existing creatives for 3 months with no refresh. Sufficient ad variations were needed to drive the campaign for another 2 months.

We estimated at least 50 creatives were needed for optimal campaign performance but PayPal only had 3 original artwork pieces.


Wide access to talents

Over 20 designers were activated to work on the brief. 60 designs were submitted in less than 72 hours. Among the creatives, both static and video format ads were produced.

PayPal Reignited Creatives
Greater creative depth

As the campaign unfolded, designers were informed by performance data, giving them insights to further creatively iterate on designs that were proving to work.


— Sign ups increased by 30%

— CTR doubled

— Time to market reduced by 70%

— Ad production cost reduced by 90%

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