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— Increased App Installs

— Increased CTR

Business Challenge

When Easy Joy geared up for the launch of their match-3 puzzle game in the United States and Europe, they were faced with a multitude of challenges:

  1. Breaking into a market saturated with games of a similar genre
  2. Figuring out a way to stand out from big players and their competitors
  3. Overcoming ever increasing media costs and driving their targeted CPA

Easy Joy quickly realised that they needed to look beyond prevalent game marketing strategies and hence wanted to start leveraging Facebook’s targeting algorithms.

As they needed more time and effort to devise campaigns with higher conversion rates, this meant they would incur higher Facebook campaign spending.

Creative Solution

Creadits devised a creative messaging strategy that would appeal to different types of gamers and sub-audiences by:

  1. Conducting research on several gamer motivations
  2. Pairing each user’s motivation with distinctive creative concepts based on the game’s USPs.
  3. Creating a range of visual directions aligned with each concept

By identifying specific user personas and gamer motivations within varied markets, Creadits was thus able to optimise user acquisition while keeping costs low.


— Low CPI at launch

— High conversion rate

CTR: Increased by 4.6%
49% Click-To-Conversion


— Clear and straightforward gameplay mechanics that allows the target demographic to quickly grasp the unique selling propositions of the game, which led to high conversion rates

— Advertisements had a cohesive narrative that was paced well, alongside eye-catching visuals that made viewers pay more attention, watching till the very end

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